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We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #208

by Ben Cooper

The Facebook updates keep on keepin’ on

With Facebook profile pages still accumulating over four billion views a day, Facebook has decided it’s time for a facelift!

These mainly cosmetic nips and tucks that are headed to mobile profiles are being tested out a smaller group first (iPhone owners in the United Kingdom and California) and will hit our shores at a later stage.

So what are these changes?

  • Profile videos for you, you and YOU!


Why make do with the humble static image when you can GIF it?! Soon, you’ll be able to film a short, looping video clip that will play for anyone who visits your profile.

  • Temporary profile pictures

Want to support your team in the week leading up to the big game, commemorate a special milestone like a birthday or vacation or show off a great #tbt picture? Now you can create a temporary profile picture specifically for those moments and events.

  • Beefed up profile info

Facebook is making space near the top of profile pages for people to say a little bit more about themselves. You can also select a few “featured” photos to put your best visual foot forward when others stop by your profile page… Let a whole new level of Facebook stalking commence!

Twitter to possibly ditch the 140 character limit

Because not everything can be said in 140 characters.

This week, the internet has been a flutter as news broke about Twitter considering dropping the 140-character length restriction. The original report claims that Twitter might release a new product that would “…enable Twitter users to publish long-form content to the service.”

But what does this mean?! Will this be the end of the witty, well thought out short form content that we painstakingly mull over on a daily basis and have grown to love?

The report also indicates that Twitter might rethink how it measures “140 characters,” by excluding things like URLs or usernames from the official count.

Whatever the implementation, it is likely to have a massive impact on how brands use Twitter as a marketing tool. Watch this space…

Facebook page praising teenage Sydney gunman taken down

A page entitled “RIP Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar” has been taken down after appearing online yesterday.

The page, labelling Jabar as the “hero of Parramatta” featured memes mocking Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and calling for the burning of the Australian flags.


Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel is world’s youngest billionaire


WARNING: The following may induce immense feelings of inferiority. The youngest billionaire in the world is Snapchat’s 25-year-old chief executive, Evan Spiegel, at $US2.1 billion ($3 billion), Forbes has announced.

Spiegel and his fellow Snapchat co-founder, Bobby Murphy, both made the Forbes 400 for the first time this year, among 25 new entrants. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg came in seventh on the list with an estimated wealth of a measly $US40.3 billion… Pocket change really!


On the night of all nights for New South Wales sports mad fans (NRL grand final night) a sexually explicit post from a porn website was apparently retweeted by the NSWRL account.

NSWRL were quick to clear up the mistake, taking the tweet down after a few minutes and saying the account had indeed been hacked.

Sincere apologies for recent unusual activity – our account had been hacked. Normal service now resumed. 

— NSWRL (@NSWRL) October 4, 2015\

But not before being quickly picked up by other Twitter users.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.12.48 am

 SUPER likes for all with Tinder!

Singletons of the world! Go forth and get SUPER LIKING, because we all know there is a big difference between kind of like and super like…

After testing in Australia, the “Super Like” function on Tinder is now available to all.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.21.55 am

So how does one “Super Like”? Easy! If you “Super Like” someone (it’s an upward swipe BTW) that person will see that you like them before they make the decision to swipe left (and never talk to you) or right (live happily ever after). You can only “Super Like” once a day, that way you know the feelings are like, totes legit! Paying Tinder Plus users can “Super Like” a match up to five times per day.

Which leads me ever so subtly to this…

Sizzl – the dating app for bacon lovers

Is your heart achin’ for some bacon? Oscar Mayer has the easy greasy solution for you! It’s a lot like Tinder, but with bacon…


Find your bacon lover with Sizzl.

Check out the hilarious video brought to you by Oscar Mayer.


We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #207

by Cat May in News

Facebook down

Something went wrong. Facebook failed and people had to talk to each other. Where were you when Facebook went down? Did you survive The Great Facebook Outage of 2015? Survivors shared their stories and memes via the hashtag#facebookdown

The story took over social media on Monday evening, except for on Facebook, which was down.


The moon went blood red during an eclipse, and many lousy photos were taken of the blurred red smudge in the sky. Those using the hashtag #SuperMoon or #SuperBloodMoon on Twitter received a little red blood moon emoji. Which was a better view of the lunar eclipse than most people got.


Our salty red neighbour

On Sunday, NASA was poised to make a big announcement about Mars, but held back their “major science finding”, probably to give the #SuperBloodMoon a bit of time in the err sun, …out of the sun. The news was embargoed until the live press conference on Monday at 11:30EDT. As #MarsAnnouncement trended, speculation ran rampant, from the discovery of life on Mars, to the announcement of a manned mission to the red planet. But today they revealed that they had discovered evidence of saltwater streams running over the red hills of our celestial neighbour. This is big news as flowing saltwater is one of the essential ingredients to generating and sustaining many forms of life. Some cynics wondered if NASA’s #MarsWater announcement was a tie in with Ridley Scott’s new film The Martian.

Bieber’s Snapchat rant

You can howl at the red moon (or the red planet), but just don’t yell at Justin Bieber. In a series of videos uploaded to his Snapchat, taken in the back of a limousine while being driven around Melbourne, The Bieb, The Biebster, The Biebmesiter General, J-Bieb… has asked fans to stop yelling and screaming at him as it’s not enjoyable for him. “I want to enjoy the moment like you’re enjoying the moment but I can’t really enjoy it if I’m not feeling there’s any respect given to me that moment. If you start screaming louder that’s not going to make me (want to) take a photo more,” Bieber continued. And no one enjoys having a horrible, repetitive noise stuck in their head all day.


The Government’s new Anti-Extremism Booklet, complete with ethically diverse photos of twenty year olds posing as teens, links environmental awareness and “alternative music” to radicalisation and terrorism. The helpful booklet includes a Case Study on a young girl named ‘Karen’ who fell victim to “the alternative music scene, student politics and left-wing activism”. Naturally the Internet, no slouch when it comes to snark, stepped up its game and along with sending the hashtag #FreeKaren into the top Twitter trends, they also released their own wry Case Studies on various Australian political figures. Good work, all.

Clean your tweets

Trevor Noah the next host of ‘The Daily Show’ has instructed staff to read all tweets by the show’s newly hired correspondents in order to avoid giving the Twitter Stasi any reason to tear them apart before  they even begin. “I said, ‘This is a good exercise,'” Noah told The New York Times. “‘You go through every single tweet and tell me what you think we should get rid of.'” Noah received a backlash from the outrage brigade online when the sourpusses scoured his Tweet history looking for a reason to get offended and upset. “I tried to grow as a human being,” he told the newspaper. “Someone goes, ‘Yeah, but you wrote this in 2009.’ I go, ‘well, thank God I didn’t write it in 2015.’ That to me is progress.”

Facebook drives increased investment in social

Investment in social media is going up – and there’s a clear indication of whose pocket it’s ending up in. eMarketer stated last week that social media ad spend is accelerating even faster than expected, now predicted to hit $25.1 billion in 2015, over a billion dollars more than it initially projected in April. It won’t be a surprise to many that Facebook is the company responsible for this growth – Facebook and Instagram’s ad business is expected to grow 42 percent y-o-y to $16.3 billion, or 65 percent of brands’ social media budgets in 2015. The platform continues to out-perform poor old Twitter, which is expected to pull in $2 billion in ad revenue (roughly 8 percent of total social budgets). While this is a 62 percent increase over Twitter’s 2014’s revenue, eMarketer had previously expected growth of 67 percent for the platform.

Facebook lures in TV spend with new ad products

Facebook wants a slice of the ever-lucrative TV advertising pie and what Facebook wants, it gets. The platform has created a series of ad products to appeal to those launching big budget integrated campaigns, which includes target-rating points (TRP) buying, using Neilsen to verify how well ads on Facebook perform in conjunction with their TV equivalent. Facebook’s Director of Ads Product Marketing, Graham Mudd, told Adweek:

TV ad campaigns supplemented by Facebook advertising provide an ideal combination for marketers to both reach large audiences and build their brands. Now we’re making it even easier to extend and augment TV campaigns through the introduction of TRP Buying, so advertisers can plan, buy and measure Facebook ads using the same guarantees and Nielsen verification they’re used to with TV.

Facebook will be hoping that the data proves the value of investment in the platform, perhaps over and above that of traditional channels. Other new ad products include allowing videos in its carousel ad unit, which up to now only featured photos.

Facebook brings 360-degree videos to News Feeds

Next up – Facebook! Yes, this week’s mashup has a theme, folks. This time the platform is dabbling in a bit of virtual reality, with the introduction of 360-degree videos. Fittingly, the first 360 vid was made by Disney and Lucasfilm to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and brands like GoPro, Mountain Dew and Discovery are already lined up to try it out. Facebook coughed up $2 billion for VR company Oculus Rift last year, so expect more updates like this in the future.

Notes gets a revamp

Pinterest has recently launched… only kidding, it’s Facebook again! The platform’s Notes function, which allows you to write longer posts, has historically been pretty dull – so it’s had a revamp. Notes users can add a cover photo, caption and resize images, and format their text into headers, quotes or bullets. Facebook suggests that you might like to recap your summer vacation or update people with an important life event. I for one can’t wait to read long form versions of Sarah’s crazy holiday to Greece, Tom’s first birthday party and Laura and Steve’s fabulous Caribbean wedding.


Facebook updates Instant Articles

Facebook’s Instant Articles – which allows readers to consume news stories in-app rather than being redirected to an external site – was a controversial announcement last year, with publishers concerned about the level of control it would give Facebook. But it seems that the function is still very much on the platform’s agenda, with Facebook announcing plans to ramp up Instant Articles by expanding the number of users who can see them and the number of publishers that can create them. One of the function’s biggest fans is the Washington Post, which says it will start running every single one of its stories on Facebook via Instant Articles.

Instagram community hits 400,000,000

Facebook-owned (yep, we had to get it in there somewhere) Instagram has hit a massive 400 million users. It’s also getting more and more global, with 75 percent of its community living outside the US and, among the last 100 million to join, more than half live in Europe and Asia. Très bien.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 17.04.42

Twitter tests polls within tweets

The latest Twitter feature to be bubbling up to the social surface is polls. Perhaps in an attempt to keep up with the ever evolving Facebook and Instagram this new Twitter format has been sighted on staff and a few verified accounts so far but it is unconfirmed when or indeed if it will ever be fully rolled out. For the time being you can only pose two options for polls so that rules out ‘Will you be my boyfriend? Yes/No/Maybe’ for now. Damn.


Periscope creates its own version of a retweet using screenshots

A new version of Periscope has been released where users are now able to share screenshots of the streams they watch, creating the Periscope version of a retweet and making the whole experience a lot more social. It also makes everyone else watching that stream aware that a screenshot has been taken. The screenshot sharing aspect will help promotion of streams which currently appear as quite an uninspiring link in Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 16.28.06

Pinterest blows its developer sandbox wide open

Pinterest has announced that it is giving developers access to its APIs for building new apps and third-party integrations. Now anyone can start building away, they just need Pinterest’s approval before going public. That’s my ‘suet puddings for swingers serving suggestions’ app idea out the window then isn’t it. Since May, developers have submitted more than 5,000 ideas for apps and Pinterest has already been working with IFTT, Polyvore and Topshop to launch integrations. Polyvore has already reported that it has increased traffic from Pinterest by 35%, while the number of pins saved from the company has jumped tenfold.

Maggi presents Singapore’s first ‘social’ cookbook on Instagram

Nestlé Singapore with We Are Social has launched a new Instagram campaign in an attempt to engage a new generation of aspiring chefs, with an aim to put the fun back into cooking. The activity takes advantage of Instagram’s rising popularity in Singapore, with Maggi releasing two new recipes each month in line with their brand belief that ‘Happiness is Homemade’. Clicking on specific photo tags will direct users to the corresponding recipe page and also in the direction of their YouTube page for longer ‘how-to’ videos.


Tweet-powered sculpture raises awareness of gay blood donor restrictions

As part of the London Design Festival, a rainbow comprised of liquid has been created which is missing one vital colour: red. Users who tweet #PutRedBack will trigger a single drop of red liquid to fall into the empty part of the rainbow. The installation has been made to raise awareness of the restrictions on gay men donating blood in the UK and coincides with a petition started by charity Freedom To Donate that will lead to a government debate on current blood donation guidelines.


Twitter creates Popemoji for Pope’s US tour

Papal ferula? Check! Papal mitre? Check! Papal emoji? CHECK! It’s every modern pope’s prerogative to have their own emoji these days and that’s just what Pope Francis got from Twitter as he embarked on his US tour last week.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 17.42.51

With four different emoji attached to respective hashtags, users tweeted by their tens of thousands in anticipation of his arrival and according to Topsy, an hour after landing in Washington, there had been 42,000 tweets about his visit.


Of course some brands were quick to jump on this spike of social activity, especially those with legitimate ties; for instance Fiat, one of the official ‘Popemobile’ providers and papal bed supplier Loom & Leaf. Data also showed that many big brands stayed quiet with the majority of the top 300 brands on Twitter steering clear of the conversation.


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We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #206

by Amy Johnson in News

The benevolent Target troll, at it again

You may remember back in August, when a community management crusader posed as a Target rep, rising to the retailers defence as angry customers voiced their outraged at the decision to make their toy department gender neutral. Mike Melgaard has now lent his services to the Doritos Facebook page, following the FMCG brand’s move to support the LBGT community with a limited edition launch of rainbow coloured chips.

While Australia impatiently waits to find out whether the rainbow release will make it down-under (and gay marriage, for that matter), Mike has been shutting down bigots left, right, and centre, riling the community and spreading awareness of Doritos’ campaign and LBGT issues. As an increasing number of brands make moves to take on the big issues, we’re sure to see a continuing trend of online communities going to bat for them – hopefully the humour also ensues.

Until the next instalment of Facebook Vigilante

Mike Melgaard FTW


Selfie death toll surpasses that of shark attacks

The rise in smart-phone usage, and inception of the selfie stick, has taken the selfie mobile –  bringing with it an element of danger. Van Gogh surely never envisioned this when he started the trend with a humble set of oil paints in nineteen-dickety-two.

Selfie-related deaths have reportedly risen to 12 in 2015, with shark attack deaths at 8, and no reported figures yet as to the vending machine related death toll. Sadly this is not a piece in The Onion, it’s real news –actual figures could be even higher than this. Is the hunt for the perfect selfie provoking dangerous behaviour? Are we getting more stupid? Hard to say.

Unilever confirm that positive social media mentions drive sales

Shawn O’Neal, VP-Global People Data and Marketing Analytics at Unilever has announced that recent findings have proved that social media buzz does really drive sales. O’Neal has said that these were enough to convince Unilever’s senior leadership about social media. He must be buzzin’.


Facebook offer new reassurances about ad-views

Some brands have had the barefaced cheek to question whether Facebook users actually see the ads they pay to promote to them. What’s that? You’d like something back for your investment? Well, Facebook has come back with two answers to this troubling trend. The first is that it will be working with Moat, a digital-measurement company to check how often advertisements are seen and the second is that it will now be offering a premium buying choice with an option to only pay for an ad when the entire unit appears on the user’s screen. This no doubt comes in response to big hitters like Unilever, Kellogg’s and WPP pushing for better standards in this area: “Three seconds—and 50 percent of video online not listened to with sound—is ludicrous,” said WPP Chief, Martin Sorrell while speaking at Dmexo in Cologne Germany last week.

Facebook continues its wooing of journalists by introducing Signal

Signal is a new platform created by Facebook to help journalists find trending and emerging stories and content from Facebook and Instagram. The aim is to place Facebook at the heart of the news gathering process by giving journalists access to trends, photos and videos from Facebook. Facebook is striving to do the same thing it does everyday… TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD (become a number one source for news, without users even having to leave the site).

Signal appears to have taken some look and function inspiration from applications like Tweetdeck
Signal appears to have taken some look and function inspiration from applications like Tweetdeck

Facebook At Work is coming

Facebook’s internal collaboration tool for companies, Facebook At Work, is coming to the end of its closed beta testing period and is likely to be launched by the end of this year. The interoffice networking product is exactly the same as regular Facebook but intended for communicating at work between colleagues *pokes Colin in Finance*. It is already being tested by 100 companies and has been in use at Facebook HQ for years. Once Facebook At Work is fully live, it will be in direct competition with Slack and Microsoft’s Yammer, with one of its main advantages being that of course, everyone (even nans now, amirite?!) already knows how to use Facebook.


The world keenly awaits details of Facebook’s new ‘dislike’ button

Following Mark Zuckerberg announcing last week that Facebook is working on a ‘dislike’ button, the digital advertising world has begun guessing with gusto as to how it might actually work when it finally comes to fruition. Our Global MD, Robin Grant said:

Mark Zuckerberg has been explicit that he doesn’t want Facebook to turn into a platform for voting on posts, so a ‘dislike’ button may not appear on every post. It seems to be primarily intended for people to express empathy for a ‘sad’ post where a ‘like’ would not be not appropriate – it’s too early to see how it’ll impact brands’ use of the platform.

Twitter works with payment startup Stripe to open up ‘Buy’ buttons to all

Stripe is a San Francisco based startup who has just introduced a new product called Relay which allows retailers to sell their products within third-party apps that use Stripe, including Twitter. Although Stripe has supported Twitter’s ‘Buy’ buttons since they began to roll out last year, as of last Monday the option is now open to anyone. So on that note, I’ve got one dignity going very, VERY cheap if anyone wants it?

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 16.06.07

No takers? Well if buying on Twitter doesn’t float your boat, how about donating to your favourite political candidate? Twitter has partnered with Square Inc., a mobile payment company to enable candidates to collect donations through tweets. It hasn’t hit the Australian political circuit yet but I’m sure that when it does, hopefully they won’t make a pig’s mouth of it! Sorry, pig’s ear I meant, ear.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 16.14.55

Snapchat introduces its first in-app purchase & new lenses feature

Up until now Snapchat has only been making money from selling ads. That’s all changed as it has now introduced an option where people can buy three extra Replays of Snaps they’ve already watched for $0.99.


It’s has also introduced lenses which can alter selfies using facial recognition software to make them vomit rainbows (among other things) – stop press! The company has said they’ll remove and add one lense every day to keep the crazy snap chat kids coming back for more (and hopefully replaying them)!

Snapchat - Vom the rainbow
Snapchat – Vom the rainbow

Pinterest celebrates 100,000,000 monthly active Pinners

Since its birth in 2010, Pinterest has fast become the must visit platform for creativity and has now reached a milestone of 100,000,000 monthly active users. From Swiss beekeepers, to Canadian Landscapers and all – the mummies planning a new eco-nursery for their darling little Horatios – in-between, it can’t be said its user bank isn’t varied.

Coca-Cola become first brand to have its own emoji

Twitter has capitalised on the huge emoji trend right now by creating a custom one which appears when people tweet the hashtag #ShareACoke. Coca-Cola has also brought Vine stars like Ethan Dolan, his brother Grayson and Hayes Grier to spread the new emoji love to users. Twitter’s senior director of brand strategy Ross Hoffman said the social network chose Coca-Cola to test with as it was a “perfect opportunity to work with a nimble and smart marketer to make this happen”.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 17.01.25

Nescafé ditches traditional websites for Tumblr

Hats off to Nescafé! Already Nestlé’s top-performing brand on social media, it’s now made the decision to move both its global and local sites to micro-blogging site Tumblr. Regarding the move aimed at Millennial consumers using tablets and mobile phones, Michael Chrisment, Global Head Of Integrated Marketing has said: “A key point is accessibility. In this world mobile goes first, and really the website is truly optimised for mobile smart phones and tablets”. Nescafé claim the move will make it easier to integrate user-generated content. At this stage, I’m not sure whether that includes this jittery blog post written after my perfectly balanced, nothing to worry about, five coffees for lunch.

Nutella jar personalisation campaign goes s&!t

When Nutella launched a campaign letting users personalise their own labels, did they think it would end up panning out like this? Probably. They asked users to share their labels on social media using the hashtag #mynutella and share their labels on social media using #mynutella they did. Here are some of our favourites:




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Is there just too much content?

by Suzie Shaw in Uncategorized


The amount of content being created is increasing exponentially, whereas the amount of human attention is finite.

The consequence? Every day, we are all faced with a barrage of blog posts and articles that we feel we ‘need’ to read. Often we don’t – but we share them anyway. Even though we’ve only read the first two paragraphs, and maybe skimmed the next few.

The entire second half of this post could be complete nonsense, but people will still share it; perhaps just to create the impression that they are smart and read a lot, or perhaps because – to build their own ‘personal brand’ – they feel they need their own steady stream of content.

The reality is, no one nowadays can be on top of everything. Let’s face it, there is just too much content out there.

There are two reasons for this.

First, the content created by professional content creators is now available to the whole world, not just to those in the country of origin.

In the UK, I used to read The Guardian every day. I simply had no access to other quality publications such as The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.

Today, in Australia, not only do I have access to all of the content being produced in Australia, but I have access to every newspaper and magazine being produced worldwide. Plus of course, all the new online publications that have sprung up.

Secondly, there is of course a huge amount of content being created and shared by individuals. A few stats. 300 million photos a day are being posted to Facebook. 130,000 articles a day are being written on LinkedIn. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

What this means is that to get noticed, your content has to be truly excellent. It’s that simple… and that difficult.

Content that is mundane simply won’t get read, and won’t get shared. Although, going back to what I said at the beginning of this post, it is also possible that, with a snappy headline, it will get shared, even though it wasn’t read.

Jakob Nielsen’s eye-tracking study from 2008 indicated that less than 20% of the text content is actually read on an average web page. And research by Upworthy carried out last year showed that while most sharing was by those who had read the whole article, the second most was by people who had read only 25% of it.

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Congratulations! Here’s an Easter egg. Nom nom nom.

We Are Social’s Wednesday Wrap-Up #205

by Michael Batistich in News

Facebook Improves Pages
The money-making machine that is Facebook is at it again, but this time it’s helping you, marketers. The platform has announced an upgrade to allow the 45 million companies – from global brands to local businesses – with Pages to improve their virtual storefront on the platform. The new tabbed mobile layout allows companies to list their services, as well as letting users “Shop” using Facebook’s Shopify-powered Buy Button without even having to leave the platform. It’s another sensible move by Facebook to provide direct value to brands of any size on the platform.

facebook pages

Instagram Boosts Ad Offering
It’s been a busy week for Instagram; it’s now time to show Facebook that it was worth every penny. Instagram ads are now available for all brands, in 30 more countries, hitting the feeds of all 300 million Instagram users and incorporating longer 30 second video ad formats. But wait, there’s more! The platform has also introduced ‘Marquee’, which allows advertisers to up their real-time Instagram offering by ‘owning a moment’ – good news for those launching products or involved in live events.

Brands Beware: ‘Zombie Fans’ are Quietly Lurking
The apocalypse is here… ‘Zombie Fans’ are out to get you. If you’re not sure what “Zombie fans” are, it’s the name given to fake followers lurking around on Chinese social media platforms, and is proving an issue for marketers trying to reach genuine audiences. As We Are Social’s Shanghai managing director, Pete Lin, told Ad Age, brands with little experience in China should be cautious, especially when agencies promise remarkable results at low prices:

The only purpose of using fake WeChat fans is for unscrupulous agencies to dupe their clients, as in, ‘the campaign is working, look at all these fans you got’.

Tut tut.

Ambitious Millennials use Tinder for Business Networking Dates
Millenials are now swiping right for their next entrepreneurial pursuit. Tinder has teamed up with Forbes to create a ‘speed networking’ app — connecting an affluent community who have already ‘made it’. It’s currently limited to Forbes’ 30 under 30 community, but I expect my invite is in the post.

Jim Beam Targets Millennials Through Snapchat
Some alcohol brands might consider Snapchat a risky place to play, but not Jim Beam. To ensure its ads are only shown to those old enough to purchase a ‘bevvy’, they’re served based on a user’s birthday, which is required to create an account. Later this month, the ads will be visible in both Oktoberfest and Mid-Autumn Festival Live Stories as well as a week-long series that explores Hawaii. Jim Beam intends to broadcast the ads to a wide group of interests, achieving the biggest reach among legal drinkers. But remember guys – no screenshots.


Brands and their Critics Slated for 9/11 Tweets
Many would say that a tragedy is not a suitable tweeting opportunity. Some might argue it’s a mark of respect. But true to form, on the anniversary of 9/11 this year, brands started tweeting using the #NeverForget hashtag. And, predictably, critics waded in to tell them just how inappropriate it all was. But as this article from Adweek points out, there may now be even more (arguably opportunistic) tweets criticising the brands, than brand tweets themselves. Confused? I don’t blame you. Here’s a compilation of both so you can see for yourself.