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Wednesday Wrap-Up #191

by Rebecca Zappia in News

Pizza Hut is in a complicated relationship with Four’N Twenty

A partnership made in meat loving heaven, Pizza Hut has partnered with Four’N Twenty for the football season. The brands are making their relationship very public and using social media to show just how complicated it is.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.41.51 am

Brands ❤️ Emojis

To engage with younger users, brands are increasing their use of emojis. An Instagram report has determined that 40% of captions and comments contained at least one emoji character. Brands are viewing emojis as a cool and relevant way to connect with Millennials. One brand, Taco Bell took it as an insult that a taco emoji was not available and has launched a petition to remedy.

Roadshow Films and We Are Social create ‘Mod Max’

Roadshow Films and We Are Social have partnered with Mighty Car Mods, a set of YouTube influencers, to create a four-part YouTube series in which they build the car from the film Mad Max. Dubbed ‘Mod Max’ (yeah? yeah?) it’s an excellent example of creating a content series around a hook that is guaranteed to interest your target audience.

Social media matters to complainers

Social media’s importance is increasing for one of the world’s favourite pastimes: complaining. A survey of over 2,000 people by the Institute of Customer Service found that 12% had used social media to complain, an eightfold increase since January 2014. Another 39% said they’d provided feedback on social and 31% had made pre-sales enquiries.


Google includes tweets in mobile search results

Twitter and Google’s integration continues apace, as the latter has announced it is adding tweets to search results on mobile, via the iPhone and Android apps and mobile browsers. Here’s the move illustrated by two screenshots and both company logos, in case you weren’t sure which Google and Twitter we meant.


Twitter rolls out new desktop search interface

If you like searching for tweets, this is 100% ‘your week’. Not only have you got the Google news above, but Twitter itself has rolled out its new results interface on desktop, with an updated design, increased emphasis on images and advanced filtering capabilities.


YouTube brings ‘click to shop’ button to pre-rolls

YouTube is adding a ‘click to shop’ button onto pre-roll ads; it’s already seen success in trials. Wayfair’s latest ad campaign, which included the button, led to three times the digital revenue of previous campaigns, while Sephora noted an 80% increase in brand consideration and 54% in brand recall.

Pinterest launches animated ad unit

Pinterest is upping its ads offering, with the announcement of new targeting abilities and an animated ad unit. If you want to know more AND kill 44 seconds, the below video is just the ticket.

Spotify adds video clips and audio shows

Spotify announced a set of updates, including video content and audio shows, from news and podcasts to entertainment videos. It also has a set of new partners, including Turner, ABC, BBC, ESPN, NBC, TED, MTV, Vice, Slate, Comedy Central and Fusion.

Marketers and Tinder prove the perfect match

Dating apps and Tinder in particular are proving an increasing opportunity for marketers. Film studio 20th Century Fox is promoting its latest movie, Spy, by setting up advanced screenings in certain US cinemas, which users can RSVP to attend by swiping right on one of four fake Tinder accounts. Similarly, the dating app is offering Zedd’s new album for a discounted price of $3.99 to users who swipe right on the singer.

Kik ads prove successful for K-Swiss

K-Swiss is back and it’s using Kik, the messenger app, as part of its ‘comeback story’. The footwear brand has created a campaign starring Diplo, the DJ, composed of one-minute video ads on Kik, which users can choose to watch in exchange for Kik points. So far, those who have watched an ad are reporting 25 times higher brand awareness, while 55% expressed purchase intent.



Ella’s Kitchen creates YouTube channel for parents

Ella’s Kitchen has launched a new YouTube channel aimed at parents who are attempting to move their children onto solid foods. The channel will include hints, tips and recipes, all of which will look to reduce the mess from the process.

ASA pulls Magnum competition from Facebook

A Facebook competition by Magnum, which asked users to ‘share a selfie’ for the chance to win one of 25 dresses by designer Henry Holland, was pulled by the British Advertising Standards Agency after complaints about the quality of the prizes. A spokesman for the ASA said:

We considered that, given the problems reported with the dresses, the disappointment felt by the complainants was not unreasonable and concluded that the prizes had not been awarded as described because they did not match the expectation created by the implications of the marketing and the value stated in the ads had not been substantiated.


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Roadshow Films teams up with Mighty Car Mods for new video series launch via We Are Social to celebrate the release of Mad Max: Fury Road film

by Michael Batistich in News

Campaign Brief recently published this article about our work with Roadshow Films and Mighty Car Mods for the release of Mad Max: Fury Road. They’ve been kind enough to let us reproduce it in full below.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 11.06.13 am

We Are Social and Roadshow Films have partnered with the boys from Mighty Car Mods (MCM), the world’s most viewed independent automotive series, to create a four-part socially led ‘Mod Max’ feature-length video series to celebrate the release of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’.

Designed to bring the world of Mad Max into that of young Aussies blokes (many of whom had never seen a Mad Max film) and make Mad Max relevant to their lives, the series has received a strong reception, garnering more than 2.2 million views.


The video series documents the MCM boys on a mission to create a Mad Max inspired ride fit for the post apocalyptic world beginning with a rather unconventional base car. From the outset, the concept was ‘social by design’. Crowdsourcing design suggestions for the car from the audience, ‘Mod Max’ encouraged fans to participate in the process, creating a truly interactive experience. As the project evolved, tens of thousands of fans and influencers submitted their design ideas, created and shared content based on the fusion of Mad Max Fury Road and the Mod Max experience, and became part of the transformation process. All without any paid media support.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 11.06.45 am

Says Colin Fairley, senior account director, We Are Social: “We knew that our audience were strong automotive fans and by tapping into their opinionated social behaviour we were able bring the post apocalyptic world of Mad Max: Fury Road into popular culture via an epic interactive car build with the
MCM boys.”

Says Moog of Mighty Car Mods: “The Mod Max build has been one of the most successful series we’ve ever done. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world hanging out each week for the next instalment, adding comments, making memes and sharing the videos. The whole thing has been

Says Rob Moore, deputy marketing director of Roadshow Films: “We are very excited to work with We Are Social on this project because we place enormous value on the importance of authenticity and – next to George Miller – nothing says automotive mayhem like Mighty Car Mods.”

We Are Social:
Creative Director: Oz Dean
Strategy Director: Luke Ryan
Senior Account Director: Colin Fairley
Account Manager: Tom Neal
Senior Research and Insights analyst: Dhanuj Selvaraj Designer: Ray Phan

Deputy Director of Marketing: Rob Moore

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We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #190

by Alex Pullin

Facebook wants you to play games in Messenger
Prepare to deny Candy Crush and Farmville invitations on a whole new app. According to Mashable, Facebook has confirmed it is in talks with several developers to make games for Messenger. It’s currently unclear how exactly these games will work with the messaging app and when the first games might arrive.

Facebook also launched Instant Articles

Announcing through its blog, Facebook has introduced Instant Articles which the level-headed is heralding as “The Biggest Media Shift Since The Internet”.  They explain:

“For consumers, this is a much faster, richer, and easier experience for reading articles directly on their News Feeds and primarily on mobile. For Facebook, this is a big improvement to the user experience and to its app “stickiness.”

Facebook are saying that “Instant Articles is a tool for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook and was designed to give them control over their stories, brand experience and monetization opportunities”. BuzzFeed and NBC News were the only ones to go all in committing to using the product straightaway, who the other publishers will be is as yet unknown.

Zuckerberg hosts another Q&A

The Zuck was out and about hosting an in-person public Q&A at Facebook in Menlo Park. This time a question was “Given declines in organic reach, how should businesses be thinking about their Pages?” watch his response here:

No official response yet to the news a Belgian regulator has urged people to install privacy software to prevent Facebook from tracking their accounts.

Facebook is also celebrating its third anniversary since floating
On the third anniversary of a $16 billion IPO that many labeled as “disastrous” or worse, Facebook now consistently impresses investors with strong revenue growth, mind-blowing user numbers and a suite of applications and features with potential to bring in even more money as soon as the company flips the switch. Its stock, which fell to half the $38 IPO price after the first few months, is now trading above $80 a share.

Pinterest is taking a hard look at international markets:

Good news for international markets as Pinterest has launched “Jumpstart”; a programme where five members of the Pinterest head office travel to a remote office with the aim to make the platform more relevant in that market. The team have three months to work their magic.

According to TechCrunch: It’s about a month and a half in on the first marketplace in Japan, and so far the results look good. The team has started experiments with a new discovery tab in its iOS app, a page of uniquely curated content that local users can see on the search tab before browsing categories. Pinterest has a new onboarding experience tailored to Japanese users and a new discovery experience. The company’s monthly active users in Japan have more than doubled in the past year, and today international usage accounts for 40% of Pinterest’s users.

Pinterest users more likely to purchase… probably.
The Wall Street Journal is reporting on a study Pinterest has undertaken with MillwardBrown into the purchasing habits of its users, finding good correlation between pinning and intent to purchase.

According to the survey, about 52% of roughly 1,500 active Pinterest users agreed that the site helps them find items they want to buy,  including a little over 60% of participants who identified themselves as “Millennial Moms”. Slightly less than half of respondents said Pinterest recommends relevant product to buy. This writer maintains a healthy skepticism due to the small number surveyed, but is happy to concede that this is strong evidence.

Pinterest Likely to buy


Twitter’s New Search Results Interface Expands To All Web Users
Twitter is now rolling out a new search results interface to all logged-in users on the web, introducing a cleaner look-and-feel and more filtering options that let you sort results by top tweets, “live” tweets, accounts, photos, videos, news and more. The rollout follows tests that began in April which then made the new interface available to a “small group” of Twitter users.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.18.41 am


Tumblr launches an Anti-bullying campaign

#PostItForward is a new campaign launched by Tumblr to combat online bullying. Quite naturally, it takes the form of a dedicated blog on Tumblr—one that focuses on curating inspiring, positive posts and encouraging open communication about taboo subjects like sexuality and mental health.

USA President Joins Twitter

If you thought that the @BarackObama Twitter feed was actually Barack Obama… you’d be wrong as it’s his staff. The President finally has his own, verified, Twitter feed; @POTUS

Mr. Obama has furnished his account with a short description — “Dad, husband, and 44th President of the United States”

He’s also using the opportunity to answer questions, providing they are from former presidents. well, at least the ones he likes.

Goodbye Mad Men

Mad Men finished up last night so to play out this Tuesday Tune-up, here’s the cast Rick-rolling everyone back in 2012.

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We Are Social launches in China

by Pete Lin in News

Pete Lin is the Managing Director of We Are Social’s new Shanghai office. He has 17 years’ experience in digital marketing, initially in the US where he helped build the digital practice at Grey in San Francisco, amongst others. In China, he has worked as business director at Grey Shanghai, client services director at Publicis, and head of digital at JWT.

Ying Chang and Pete Lin

We Are Social was launched by its two founders, Robin Grant and Nathan McDonald, in 2008 and has grown pretty rapidly since – it now has a team of 550 in an international network spanning five continents. Having built such an impressive global footprint, the next major market for the agency to establish itself in was clearly China.

Today, I’m both delighted and honoured to announce the launch of our first office in China. As you may have read in B&T or Campaign Brief Asia, our Shanghai operation is officially up and running, and we are here with the mission of setting a new benchmark for marketing in China.

China has its own unique culture and, perhaps more importantly, a unique digital ecosystem. The social landscape in China is maturing; platforms are becoming more sophisticated and brands are increasingly seeing real benefits from a social presence. While there are obvious differences between social in China and social in the West, We Are Social’s focus on creativity and human insights, rather than platforms, can be a transformative force in this marketplace.

We’ve developed practices and technologies that are tailored for the China market. We’ve transposed We Are Social’s unique collaborative way of working to China and, with it, we’re attracting the type people that have been the driving force behind the success of the agency globally. Already, we’ve brought on board Cannes award-winning creative director Ying Chang to drive our creative offering to clients, as part of the 15-strong, talented local team that we have in place. We can also draw upon all of the BlueFocus group’s considerable resources and experience in China. With all of this, we believe that our offering to help brands execute socially-driven marketing strategies in China is compelling.

As the Chinese proverb goes, words alone are no proof (口说无凭). So, I’m happy to say that a number of global and local brands have already engaged us in China, including Liebherr and GMAC (owner of the MBA entrance exam, the GMAT). And our new team is set to grow fast – because of the high demand from local and global brands, we have five open roles at the moment (如果你是个数字广告人,快来加入刚登入上海,全球最大的social热店).

This is an exciting time for We Are Social, a significant marker in our global expansion, and another big step towards our mission of putting social thinking at the centre of marketing for all our clients, all over the world.

What marketers can learn about live streaming from the Star Wars live streaming event

by Tom Ollerton

B&T recently published this article by me about why live streaming worked for star wars and how it can work for you. They’ve been kind enough to let us reproduce it in full below.


Star Wars fans must be feeling a little bleary eyed this week after tuning in to the franchise’s 30-hour, four day streaming extravaganza, that kicked off on April 16.

Live streaming is all the rage at the moment and it’s easy to jump on board. But as Admiral Ackbar said – “it’s a trap”. Here are five tips to help avoid the live stream marketing Death Star.


Live content can easily be terrible. Most (with a few notable exceptions from brands) of what we’ve seen on the live streaming apps de jour, Meerkat and Periscope, has been poor quality content that no-one in their right mind would opt in to watch. The Star Wars live stream is pre-planned, well publicised and professionally executed. They extended it to cinemas so that fans in other countries could get together and celebrate the event. They didn’t just rock up on the day with their iPhone and hope for the best.


Live streaming will work better for some products than others – is yours really right for it? There’s always going to be demand for unveiling a new luxury car or a revolutionary piece of technology from a cult brand. There needs to be a high level of anticipation from the online community. Star Wars has this nailed, with probably the most obsessive fan base on the planet. A live stream was always going to work for them.


Anticipate the technical issues. When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch via a live stream in last year, Twitter was full of complaints about the quality of the feed – or lack of it altogether. This was the first Apple event with its live blog, and reportedly, updating the page may have caused the live stream to fail. The Star Wars stream so far seems to be running without any major issues. Perhaps they didn’t have the same level of demand in such a short period of time, perhaps they were better prepared, but either way, it’s a much more satisfying experience for fans.


Give something away. Even Star Wars, with its massive global fanbase, needed to offer something of value to a community that is obsessed with seeing content ‘first’. Ahead of the event, J.J. Abrams promised the trailer would live stream yesterday at the opening day of the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim – and when it came to the big reveal, people at home didn’t have to watch a crowd watching a big screen in a convention centre: it cut to the trailer itself. If you wanted to see it before all the other Star Wars fans, you had to tune in.


We know the Star Wars audience is fanatical about the brand. They are also (sweeping generalisation alert), tech savvy for the most part. They are going to be online and they’ll be ready and willing to tune into hours of content to get closer to the brand. Not all target audiences are happy to sit in front of a screen for such a prolonged period of time (if at all). This, plus all the above factors, will determine whether you should live stream at all and if so, how long you should do it for. Unless the force of the audience is with you, a live stream is a wasted investment.

Hopefully this will help marketers decide whether live streaming is a worthwhile option for them. As Lord Vader said a long time ago “You may dispense with the pleasantries, Commander. I am here to put you back on schedule.”

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