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We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #216

by Dominic Carrico

Facebook drives social growth in Southeast Asia
When I hear Southeast Asia, I automatically think of hot climates and even hotter food. And now, in the social world, Southeast Asia is now regarded as a pretty hot commodity too, as it has some of the highest penetration of social network usage among internet users of anywhere in the world and “presents significant opportunities for social network usage growth in the next few years”. According to eMarketer’s forecast for the region, Indonesia has the highest social network penetration rate in Southeast Asia, with 77.4% of internet users visiting a social network at least once a month.

eMarketer southeast Asia

Facebook adoption is the main growth determinant, with at least two-thirds of users in the region regularly logging on to share their status updates. eMarketer’s VP of forecasting Haixia Wang commented on the region’s potential for growth: With internet penetration still relatively low and mobile continuing to drive internet adoption in the key markets there, it (Southeast Asia) will continue to be a hot spot for various digital activity growths in the next few years.

Snapchat introduces Audience bundles
Boasting over 100 million users, Snapchat is fast becoming an important platform for many brands. And it’s now making its ad offering even more appealing by introducing a new concept which packages audiences by themes for advertisers. But how does it work we hear you cry? The bundles aim to ensure your content is matched to the most appropriate audience using the Discover channel. For example, should you choose the ‘world news package’, you will featured in CNN and Vice’s content channels. Although, a much-welcomed improvement to targeting, it still lacks a click-through measurability which, when priced at $100,000 ($137,000+) a day (a reduction from $700,000/$1.1M+!) for an ad, perhaps seems a bit steep.

Snapchat launches holiday themed Discover channel
DIY publisher Brit & Co. has made its Snapchat debut with a Google-sponsored, holiday-themed Discover channel around baking, crafts and various DIY activities. It’s not a long-term campaign, instead running for two week-long periods to ensure Snapchat users don’t become fatigued with holiday content. With over 300 pieces of custom designs, the channel will feature videos, gifs and trivia questions, whilst topics will include decoration ideas, recipes and DIY gift suggestions. Everything you’ll need in the palm of your hand; a Christmas miracle.

Facebook faces scrutiny over uneven use of its safety check feature
Facebook’s safety check was widely hailed as being one of the platform’s most altruistic and useful features in the wake of the terror attacks. The applause has since turned to scrutiny as the platform failed to launch a comparable feature during the recent hotel attack in Mali. Over 150 guests and employees of a Radisson Blu Hotel were taken hostage with no response from Facebook. Similar criticisms have been voiced over the lack of response to the Beirut bombings, which happened within hours of the Paris attacks.
Inline images 1
YouTube spotlights climate with #OurstoLose
The platform is spotlighting the need for global action to combat climate change in the days leading up to the UN Paris Climate Summit beginning on November 30. Utilising 5 influencers from all over the world, the campaign showcases videos around different climate change issues. Influencers featured come from 5 different nations and include New Zealand’s Jamie Curry and the UK’s Finn Harries.

Royal Caribbean killing it on Periscope
In a new campaign launched by agency MullenLowe, the cruiseliner is showcasing some of it’s most popular destinations with live feeds to Manhattan billboards via Periscope. influencers such as High on Life and Dan Moore have been commissioned by the brand to broadcast live while doing things like riding ATVs in St. Maarten and playing with green monkeys at the wildlife reserve in Barbados – feeding directly into 76 key ad sites, including Times Square and Grand Central.

Update: ‘Phuc Dat Bich’ house of lies comes crumbling down
Last January, the internet went temporarily crazy over Phuc Dat Bich, a man that claimed Facebook was blocking him from using his real name. Critics cited that Facebook was heavily biased against non-anglo names; others criticised the platform for invading people’s privacy. An important piece of the argument was outed as a hoax this week when a former classmate outed Phuc as Thien Nguyen, a claim that has since been confirmed by several other sources
American 2016 presidential race called the ‘meme election’
All eyes are on the American election and as millennials come of age, they become increasingly interested in the political sphere, causing online political content to evolve. 2008 was called the Facebook election due to it being the first time voters could exchange opinions and share updates quickly online. 2012 continued that trend by offering up presidential content created specifically for the platform. 2016 is being hailed as the ‘Meme Election’ due to the overwhelming amount of presidential race images that feature text overlay. Interestingly, many are critical of presidential hopeful/toupee enthusiast Donald Trump
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Instagram is making our lives easier once again
Social media managers rejoice: Instagram is now testing a multiple accounts feature that mirrors Twitter’s current functionality. Right now, the only way to swap between your client/personal/Taylor Swift fan club account is to log out and log back in manually. The new feature will allow you to move across accounts seamlessly in your phone. Don’t get too excited iPhone users– the beta version is only available to Android users for the time being.

We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #215

by Jordan Yap

Google to show Facebook content in mobile search results 
Google will now start showing Facebook content in search results on smartphones, including public profile information. According to a Facebook spokesperson, the listings will appear as “deep links” that will take users to the relevant part of the Facebook app. The move is a big boost for Google, further increasing its dominance in the search space.

Tumblr gets awesome Gif tool
Breaking news. Using Tumblr, you can now make your own gifs and it’s so easy. Here’s how:

  1. Grab your iPhone (sorry, Android – watch this space!)
  2. Open the Tumblr app
  3. Open a new photo post
  4. Choose a video (or burst)
  5. Hey presto! You’ve got yourself a gif

If you need some inspiration for what awesomeness is out there use the hashtag #made with tumblr or just let We Are Social’s own house dog Roxy mesmerise you…Happy giffing!


Hi, have you met my Friend Isis …
Maybe you have heard of Phuc Dat Bich, he’s a real hit at parties. While these might sound like names my 10 year old nephew would come up with as a joke, these are real people who have run afoul of Facebook’s “real name policy”. Even with passport proof of their names, some people have still continued to struggle to keep their Facebook accounts open, and it has irritated many people who view it as discriminatory and prejudicial. The reason for the controversial policy has been to limit the number of trolls on the platform, however in using such a blanket ban many drag queens, transgender people and even people like Phuc Dat Bich (pronounced Phoo Dat Bic) who intend to use Facebook normally have been caught up in these bannings. If it is really about trolls, then maybe a different metric should be used to weed out those who use Facebook as a platform for hate and discrimination, until then Phuc will have to continue to provide passport proof to access his Facebook page.

Phuc Dat Bich

Will you be my Friend Furever 
While the pun might be terrible, it is also the name of Google’s android campaign that had the most shares across Facebook, Twitter and blogs around the world with over 6.4 million shares it also ranks as one of the most shared ads of all time.  Disney’s shadowbox performed well this year, with moonwalking Micky Mouse driving high levels of sharing while Purina’s “puppy soulmate” campaign, “they’ll think I’m crazy” campaign done by Roc by Ronaldo/Monster and Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” campaign rounding out the top 5 for 2015. With social media ad sharing up 38.5% year on year, clearly consumers are looking increasingly towards brands for entertainment and they aren’t afraid to share those ads that delight and entertain. So next time you need to see an orangutang and a dog hugging it out, look out for your favourite brands to give you that fix right when you need it most.

Facebook gears up for non-profits
Facebook; typically a place to share photos of your beach day, stalk the office crush and play Candy Crush instead of working. However, more recently, Facebook has introduced a new feature in a hope to ‘make the world a better place’ (awww). The fundraising tool allows users to donate without having to leave Facebook whilst also allowing campaigners to tell their story and rally support. It is currently being tested with 37 partner organisations such as National Multiple Sclerosis Society and World Wildlife Fund, but they hope to expand to further organisations in the future.

Twitter is reportedly testing emoji reactions in addition to hearts
If you’re not up to speed with your social media news, Twitter users were recently left bemused when their star-shaped favourite button experienced a heart-like revamp. More recently, it’s been leaked that the heart was merely the beginning. Twitter is apparently set to introduce a wide variety of Twitter reactions (OMG 😱). It appears that users will be spoilt for choice with 36 iPhone emojis, allowing a new era of content engagement. Twitter’s official statement on the matter?


Twitter expands polling feature
It’s been a busy month for the folks at Twitter. Last month it introduced a polling feature where users could express their opinions either by answering or asking questions. This month, Twitter decided two options is not enough, and introduced an update where more options can be selected, making our tiny brains implode with the array of choices. Twitter believes that more options will lead to a more opportunities to understand the nuances of the their audience, providing a comprehensive collection of data. You’ve got my vote, Twitter.

Google revamps Google+
Earlier this year, Google+ set out to improve its user experience. After listening to its users, it identified that Communities and Collections were its key selling points, so it has now responded by locating these front and centre on the platform. Moving forward, Google+ says it’s still opposed to being a social network but rather a “purposeful hub of passionate people helping one another”. And the cherry on the top? Google+ is now much more mobile friendly so you can now monitor the Cute Pictures of Cats Community on the move! If you want to, that is.

Brands experiment with ScratchReel
Fancy yourself a bit of a David Guetta, but absolutely awful at scratching? Me too. Fear not, instead you can just play with Twitter’s latest toy: ScratchReel. Brands like Dior, Ford and the PGA Tour have already started using the format, which allows you to move forward and backwards in the video by using a scratching motion with your mouse. You’ll need to click on the tweet below and view it on Twitter for it to work. Still – pretty cool, huh?


We Are Social’s Wednesday Wrap-Up #206

by Max Mills

New ‘Local Market’ Facebook product spotted during testing

Facebook users have spotted a potential new feature being tested, when ‘Local Market’ was said to have appeared briefly in the Facebook iPhone app. The feature, which is being tested by Facebook in Auckland, New Zealand, Melbourne and Sydney, is a more structured market place system which pulls in items being sought or sold currently within Facebook sale groups.

Facebook goes after its next billion users with new ‘Slideshow’ ad

With already half of the world using it, Facebook has its eyes on the other half. It has developed a slide show style ad product which marketers can use to target mobile only customers who just have 2G connections. After training its engineers and employees on the difficulties of 2G by introducing an initiative called ‘2G Tuesdays’, advertisers can now upload three to seven photos which then create a slideshow on Facebook as opposed to sharing video ads, which can be difficult for people with poor connections to load.

Coca-Cola and Netflix have already tested the format, which is now available worldwide. Facebook will look to use this product in countries like India, Indonesia and Kenya (where the ‘next billion’ most likely reside) in the hope of picking up more $$$. Figures show that nearly half of its ad revenue currently comes from the U.S and Canada, despite only 17% of its daily users coming from there.

Facebook introduces detailed targeting

After scoring an ‘A’ last week for its targeting capabilities, Facebook has taken it up one more notch again with detailed targeting for ads which enables marketers to combine demographics, interests, behaviours and categories.

A new notifications tab is set to spice up Facebook’s… notifying

The Facebook notification tab is set to become less of a generic list of birthdays and comment alerts from your mum and more of a ‘you-centric-newsfeed’. Yes, you’re right, that does sound worse than what we’ve currently got, but Facebook has promised that the new notification tab will suck in some of the best widgets from the Facebook sidebar on desktop. Also, if you have your location history enabled you’ll be able to see information on local popular events, weather updates, cinema times and nearby places to eat and drink linking to reviews.

Instagram builds its own version of Snapchat Live Stories

Following in the footsteps of Snapchat and Twitter, Instagram is now offering curated content streams for popular events, the most recent being Halloween. Users in the U.S. had a prompt on Saturday evening to “Watch Halloween’s Best Videos” as curated by Instagram staff. By bringing popular event content together in one place, it also gives brands an opportunity to squeeze in on the act through sponsorship.


Live sports updates are being tested in Facebook messenger

The company that wants to be everything to everyone strikes again and this time it’s trying to steal the thunder of Twitter when it comes to live sports updates. Facebook is now letting some users in the U.S. subscribe to Major League Baseball World Series scores and highlights that will then pop up within your Messenger chats if you so wish such horrors to befall you. One user said he was having a lovely chat with his friend on Messenger, at 8:58PM with approximately 50% battery, about the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals game when he received the below notification. #FacebookKNOWS


Australian Instagrammer has dropped social media in a blaze of glory

Essana O’Neil has caused a stir in the past few days after adding a dose of ruthless honesty to her Instagram page. The young Australian who had over half a million followers before deleting the page re-edited the copy on her images to tell the backstory behind each of the posts. Essana has since kicked off a new venture called in Let’s Be Game Changers, a site dedicated to promoting positivity and honesty.

Essana O’Neil revealing the truth behind a ‘candid’ shot

Q3: What’s going on at Twitter?

Twitter’s quarterly earnings report has revealed a few interesting nuggets of information regarding the company’s health. Its business growth continues to outpace its user growth, with it not adding as many users as it even was three months ago. To try and remedy this Twitter will be unveiling a new World Series ad campaign to promote its much hyped Moments live event section this week.

Twitter currently targets ads to people even when they aren’t logged into the site, but it’s now looking to take this one step further by growing revenue from ads it sells on third party sites and apps. Although people are interacting more than ever with Twitter ads, the company now faces the problem of making less money per interaction. It also seems that the model of selling ads based on their ability to generate likes and retweets is fast becoming outdated, with Facebook now offering marketers ads which are orientated around business objectives like driving product sales as opposed to likes and shares.

Snapchat adds slow-mo, fast-forward and rewind video filters

Snapchat is desperate for people to keep coming back for snaps and to view ads (which is how they make their money), which is why it has introduced a new suite of tools to edit your content.


You can now use speed modifiers which let you add slow motion, fast-forward, or rewind effects to your videos or if you fancy, all three together for some real high quality lolz (do ‘the kids’ even use lol anymore?).


Another little bit of inside Snapchat goss – they’re also adding 3D Touch capability for the iPhone 6S and 6S+, so you can strong tap for quickly adding new friends or sending a snap.

And the award for 1st Snapchat sponsored lens & Discover channel goes to…

The first sponsored Snapchat lens has landed and it’s been bought by Twentieth Century Fox to promote The Peanuts Movie. This lens is suggested to anyone who takes a Snapchat selfie for a short period of time (seeing as the ad has been reported to be worth approx $750,000 per day – definitely NOT peanuts) and when you select it, Peanuts characters will be overlaid onto your picture, while the theme tune plays and “an endless stream of candy corn” spews forth from your mouth. H’okaaaay!

The first branded Snapchat Discover channel is James Bond’s ‘Spectre’. Live for just 24 hours, it’s filled with interviews and behind the scenes footage.

And it’s gone down with the fans like a chilled martini after you’ve just shimmied your way along the entire length of a gondola’s wire with a man lobbing hats lined with razor blades at you, only to be greeted by another man who has jagged metal spikes for teeth at the other end. Yes, very well.


Target’s new website helps trick-or-treaters find candy gold mines

Trick or treating just got technological thanks to Target who have created Treatster, a website which lets people find the best places in their neighbourhood for great trick or treat booty and avoid apples etc. Bleurgh! Sadomasochists can also add their own homes, if they think they think they can handle the resultant stampedes.

treaster2 (1)

Treatster also ties in with Target’s YouTube activity called The Candy Carnival, which lets users explore cobwebbed rooms in 360 by tilting and angling their phones.


How big brands tackled the Rugby World Cup

Brands are always quick to jump onto sporting events as they draw such mass attention and a lot of user conversation. Here’s a quick overview of how two main sponsors, Mastercard and Heineken fared, as well as non-sponsor, Guinness.

Heineken has been reported to have consistent levels of social media engagement throughout the tournament down to their on-going content series ‘The Heineken Rugby Studio’, hosted by former England captain Will Carling. Fans were also encouraged to tweet questions in for the stars of the tournament, which kept people engaged over longer periods of time.

Mastercard had a surprise viral hit when a fan claimed he was busted by his girlfriend for lying about going to the Australia V England game when he was caught in one of their photos. Their nifty community management grabbed headlines.


Due to not being an official sponsor, Guinness had to take a bit more of an inexplicit route to their content but through adversity had some great reactive moments, including the below, produced following the shock Japan win.

It also ran a video series seeded on social featuring rugby heroes such as Jonny Wilkinson.


We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #211

by Cristina Forlani

ICYMI: Telstra 2015 Australian Digital Summit

Yesterday the Telstra 2015 Australian Digital Summit took place in Sydney to ‘help Australian businesses capitalise on the move to digital’ with the theme ‘there’s no going back’. It featured many interesting panels and high-caliber speakers from all around the world. Robert Scoble talked about the latest innovations from around the world; Rob Tarkoff, President and CEO at Lithium, talked about innovative ways to delight customers and win loyalty; Brian Solis talked about how brands are defined by those who experience it, and how technology impacts business and our lives – did you know we look at our phone 1,500 times per week, for 177 minutes per day? He also said something we particularly liked. Go Brian!

Many other very smart things were said, don’t miss out: you can still watch the 2015 Australian Digital Summit here, and scroll through tweets here.  


How Australian & New Zealand marketing executives view the future

Marketing executives in Australia and New Zealand believe that the structure and design of their function will need to change to meet the future needs of their enterprises – but they appear to feel less strongly about the subject than their counterparts elsewhere. That was one of the major findings of a global study by The Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by Marketo, based on a survey of 660 high-level marketing executives asked to consider the future of their professions. Among the main findings:

  • ANZ marketers are aware of the need to overhaul their organisation but feel it less acutely than marketers in many other regions
  • The marketing function’s role as a revenue driver will grow substantially as it assumes responsibility for the customer experience
  • Customer acquisition will present a major challenge for ANZ organisations but they are investing heavily in marketing initiatives and as a result are confident they will rise to meet the challenge
  • ANZ marketers believe that real-time mobile personalised transactions will shape the future of the marketing function

Have a look at the full report here.          


Sumo Salad, Contiki, Model Co. and others to raise awareness on Equal Pay Day

Did you know?  In Australia, pay gap between men and women sits at 18.6%. Shame on you, ‘Straya. Why is it particularly relevant today? Because this is the day Australian women will stop getting paid for the year as a result of the gender pay gap. From this day forward, “women will work the next 65 days FOR FREE, while their male counterparts continue to earn a salary“. How crazy is that?! The conversation on Twitter is on fire, and many brands are offering a 18% discount on their products.


Boomerang is here, and we all love it

Instagram launched Boomerang last week, a new standalone video app that takes a burst of photos and stitches them together into a high-quality mini video that plays forward and backward. Brands are already using it to drive engagement, and users are going crazy about it too, with almost 160,000 short videos posted in just a few days.

At We Are Social we obviously love to try new things, so we decided to celebrate Friday like this, but also like this.

jumpmujumpmuj #boomerang #wearefridays

Un video pubblicato da We Are Social AU (@wearesocialau) in data:


Facebook comes top of the class for Social Ad Effectiveness

eMarketer has released a catchily named new report called “Social Advertising Effectiveness Scorecard: Industry Execs Grade the Leading Platforms,” where executives were asked to rate different social platforms in terms of their paid advertising effectiveness. The results left Facebook with a healthy report to take back to its parents this half term, with a B+ for ROI and the only A in the class (made up of Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat) for its targeting capabilites. Snapchat was commended for its creative capabilities but as a relative newbie to advertising came bottom of the class with some of the lowest scores in the categories judged. ‘Good effort’ Snapchat.



Companies using Instagram set to double next year

It has been reported that 88.2% of US companies use at least one of the major social platforms indicating they are almost at saturation point. Despite this marketers are now rapidly embracing Instagram which is reported to be one of the only major social networks which will continue to show significant growth over the next two years according to the latest eMarketer forecast. Currently 32.3% of US companies with over 100 employees use Instagram for marketing activities but this will increase to 70.7% by 2017, overtaking Twitter for the first time.



Facebook improves search features

Three major improvements have been made to Facebook’s search capabilities. The first is that it will now offer personalised search suggestions, secondly you can search through publicly shared posts by strangers or your friends and finally you can search for what people are saying about specific topics and viral posts. Facebook will also highlight topics which are currently popular so you can keep up to speed with real-time news.



Facebook: “Unleash the Instant Articles!”

Thousands of Instant Articles were released onto Facebook for iPhone users last week. The rollout comes after it launched with just a few select publishers but now the number has increased to include people like USA Today, The Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan among others. Instant articles are fast-loading, image heavy and housed within Facebook, promising a richer reading experience than regular mobile web articles. You’ll know when you’re seeing an Instant Article as it’ll be marked with a lightning bolt as seen below. Many publishers are keen to get involved despite concerns within the industry that they’ll lose control to Facebook over content. Some of these concerns were alleviated when Facebook said the publishers could keep all of the advertising revenue sold within their Instant Articles in exchange for the soul of their editor’s first born child. Seems reasonable.



Twitter Polls are rolled out

This month sees the official launch of Twitter polls, where users can now pose questions with two options for answers e.g. ‘Do you like lamp? a) Yes I Like Lamp b) No I Do Not Like Lamp’. It has been said by Twitter that answers you submit will not be shared publicly or with third parties (so they can sell you some lamp if you like it) and you will be notified of the final result when the poll is complete, which could be a little annoying if you become addicted to the polls.

Meta poll  


Twitter to let brands link Twitter handles to their customer accounts to aid customer care

Twitter is working with Fabric and Gnip to help businesses run their customer services more smoothly over Twitter. Early testers like Hilton are now able to link up customers’ Twitter credentials to their main customer accounts so all interactions with the brand on Twitter can be tracked for quicker history overview to assist with resolution. Twitter’s fast-paced nature now means that it dominates customer services on social, with 80% of all customer requests coming through this platform.  


Twitter announces improvements to and future plans for embedding tweets

At a recent Twitter Flight developer conference it has been announced that there is to be a new “ecosystem” of products for publishers coming out which are tied to how tweets are embedded in published content. These include already existing Twitter products like Tweetdeck and Curator which help find the best tweets to feature in content and also partnerships with companies like Spredfast, Wayin, Dataminr, ScribbleLive and Flowics. It’s also introducing a new grid format (see example below) for those who don’t want to just stack tweets on top of each other (guilty!🙋). Twitter’s Michael Ducker argued that embedded tweets have now become the “modern day pull quote” and has also announced a partnership with JCDecaux to bring tweets to out of home digital displays.


Google reveals its subscription video service

It has now been announced that Google will be offering a subscription video service called YouTube Red and the cost? $9.99, which also encompasses a music service called YouTube Music (formerly known as YouTube Music Key) and includes a full subscription to Google Play Music. The service which is only currently available in the US will allow users access to all content on YouTube without the ads and they’ve announced that they’ll be 10 new original shows launching for subscribers. Unfortunately for YouTube content creators, if you make content with advertising support you HAVE to participate in the subscription service or your videos will be set to private and no one will be able to find them.


Twitter’s first ‘Promoted Moment’ is an ad for new film ‘Creed’

The first marketers to use a Promoted Moment after its Moments channel was launched earlier this month are the people behind new movie Creed (A Rocky spinoff FYI). No details of pricing have been released but Twitter has said that it is more in the range of a Promoted Trend than a single promoted tweet. A promoted trend costs around $200,000 a day. Why not get 10!



Skittles score a touchdown as the NFL’s first Live Story sponsor on Snapchat

After seven weeks of Live Stories from the NFL on Snapchat, it introduced three 10 second ads from Skittles that played in between videos shared by fans at the stadium during a game between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers on Thursday of last week. It is believed that advertising was not started right at the beginning of the season as the NFL would have been taking the first seven weeks to sum up what its audience is like. Snapchat stories have been seen to command more than 10 million views in 24 hours with a minimum cost of 2 cents per view but the NFL will most likely charge a lot more than the minimum. snapchat-skittles


Wendy’s get creative with Snapchat style ads on Facebook

As some brands are just waking up to the new possibilities of Facebook’s full screen ads,Wendy’s is racing ahead with a fun interactive ad which uses, photos, videos and GIFs which people can swipe (a classic Snapchat move) to see the whole process of burger making step by step. Other brands testing Facebook’s new immersive ad format include Gatorade, Michael Kors and Bacardi.


TCL is inviting people to talk to its new TV set as part of Halloween campaign

To tie in with Halloween Chinese smart TV manufacturer TCL will be encouraging Periscope users to join in its “ask me anything” Q&A session. Users can then ask questions to a spooky virtual face which can smile, frown, nod and speak (with help from a comedian who will be providing the voice of the TV). Pete Lin, MD of We Are Social in China, added:

“This campaign shows how forward-thinking TCL is. Periscope has huge potential, yet we’ve still seen very few creative executions on the platform away from a simple event live-stream or product demo. TCL is an exciting brand with big global ambitions, and this is just the first step towards taking it to a wider audience.”


Doc Brown uses Facebook Messenger to talk about the future

As part of Back To The Future Day on 21st October, not only did Universal launch social campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram but Doc Brown himself chatted about the future (and a bit about BTTF products like Pepsi) with fans on Facebook Messenger. The Back To The Future chat created by startup Imperson allows users to have a quick exchange with the doctor and is an attempt to crack the messaging medium where many brands have failed but which sees a reported 104 million monthly users in the US alone. Imperson has already revealed that their next chat character will be Miss Piggy, free, single and ready to mingle!


Of course lots of brands wanted to hop aboard the hover board of social conversation (see what I did there). Here are some of the good, bad and downright ugly to wrap up this week’s epic mashup.


The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

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We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #208

by Ben Cooper

The Facebook updates keep on keepin’ on

With Facebook profile pages still accumulating over four billion views a day, Facebook has decided it’s time for a facelift!

These mainly cosmetic nips and tucks that are headed to mobile profiles are being tested out a smaller group first (iPhone owners in the United Kingdom and California) and will hit our shores at a later stage.

So what are these changes?

  • Profile videos for you, you and YOU!


Why make do with the humble static image when you can GIF it?! Soon, you’ll be able to film a short, looping video clip that will play for anyone who visits your profile.

  • Temporary profile pictures

Want to support your team in the week leading up to the big game, commemorate a special milestone like a birthday or vacation or show off a great #tbt picture? Now you can create a temporary profile picture specifically for those moments and events.

  • Beefed up profile info

Facebook is making space near the top of profile pages for people to say a little bit more about themselves. You can also select a few “featured” photos to put your best visual foot forward when others stop by your profile page… Let a whole new level of Facebook stalking commence!

Twitter to possibly ditch the 140 character limit

Because not everything can be said in 140 characters.

This week, the internet has been a flutter as news broke about Twitter considering dropping the 140-character length restriction. The original report claims that Twitter might release a new product that would “…enable Twitter users to publish long-form content to the service.”

But what does this mean?! Will this be the end of the witty, well thought out short form content that we painstakingly mull over on a daily basis and have grown to love?

The report also indicates that Twitter might rethink how it measures “140 characters,” by excluding things like URLs or usernames from the official count.

Whatever the implementation, it is likely to have a massive impact on how brands use Twitter as a marketing tool. Watch this space…

Facebook page praising teenage Sydney gunman taken down

A page entitled “RIP Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar” has been taken down after appearing online yesterday.

The page, labelling Jabar as the “hero of Parramatta” featured memes mocking Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and calling for the burning of the Australian flags.

Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel is world’s youngest billionaire


WARNING: The following may induce immense feelings of inferiority. The youngest billionaire in the world is Snapchat’s 25-year-old chief executive, Evan Spiegel, at $US2.1 billion ($3 billion), Forbes has announced.

Spiegel and his fellow Snapchat co-founder, Bobby Murphy, both made the Forbes 400 for the first time this year, among 25 new entrants. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg came in seventh on the list with an estimated wealth of a measly $US40.3 billion… Pocket change really!


On the night of all nights for New South Wales sports mad fans (NRL grand final night) a sexually explicit post from a porn website was apparently retweeted by the NSWRL account.

NSWRL were quick to clear up the mistake, taking the tweet down after a few minutes and saying the account had indeed been hacked.

Sincere apologies for recent unusual activity – our account had been hacked. Normal service now resumed. 

— NSWRL (@NSWRL) October 4, 2015\

But not before being quickly picked up by other Twitter users.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.12.48 am

 SUPER likes for all with Tinder!

Singletons of the world! Go forth and get SUPER LIKING, because we all know there is a big difference between kind of like and super like…

After testing in Australia, the “Super Like” function on Tinder is now available to all.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.21.55 am

So how does one “Super Like”? Easy! If you “Super Like” someone (it’s an upward swipe BTW) that person will see that you like them before they make the decision to swipe left (and never talk to you) or right (live happily ever after). You can only “Super Like” once a day, that way you know the feelings are like, totes legit! Paying Tinder Plus users can “Super Like” a match up to five times per day.

Which leads me ever so subtly to this…

Sizzl – the dating app for bacon lovers

Is your heart achin’ for some bacon? Oscar Mayer has the easy greasy solution for you! It’s a lot like Tinder, but with bacon…


Find your bacon lover with Sizzl.

Check out the hilarious video brought to you by Oscar Mayer.