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We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #131

by Gillian Collison

Celebs join Sheryl Sandberg’s campaign to stop calling girls ‘Bossy’

Sheryl Sandberg said in Lean In that we shouldn’t call girls “bossy” and that “When a girl tries to lead, she is often labeled bossy.” A year since her topical book was released, she’s rallied the support of some famous ladies to come together and support LeanIn.Org’s “Ban Bossy” campaign. Co-sponsored by the Girl Scouts, the digital campaign encourages women and men to post #BanBossy messages to social media, helping encourage girls to be opinionated without fear of pushback. Beyonce, Jennifer Garner, Condoleezza Rice, Jane Lynch and other high-profile women joined the chorus with Sheryl in YouTube video.

“I’m not Bossy,” Beyonce announces. “I’m the boss.”

Mark Zuckerberg also showed his support for the campaign on Facebook last night.

Vimeo’s on demand service turns one & gets some updates

Vimeo’s new updates to it’s on demand serviced have been announced this week at SXSW to coincide with it’s first birthday. Updates include a new launch of “collections” where viewers can now discover videos batched together in common themes and related hobbies as well as new browsing experiences. Vimeo is also investing heavily in it’s Audience Development Program to offer financial support to video creators who have raised over $10,000 on crowdfunding platforms or been accepted to certain film festivals.

Facebook Page organic reach keeps falling

Further evidence has arrived of a decrease in the organic reach of posts from brand pages on Facebook. An analysis of 106 country-level brand pages found that average organic reach dipped from 12.05% in October 2013 to 6.15% in February this year; for the 23 pages analysed with 500,000 fans or more, the equivalent decrease was from 4.04% to 2.11%. If you’re concerned about this change, then read our recommended approach to dealing with the issue.

Facebook redesigns desktop News Feed

Facebook has made a number of changes to its desktop News Feed. After an unpopular dramatic overhaul around a year ago, the social network has played it fairly safe, with a new design that includes different iconography, larger photos, fresh fonts and the presence of story cards, along with a large search bar at the top of the page. The redesign is being pushed out gradually – if you haven’t got it yet, here’s what it looks like:


Facebook Messenger launches on Windows phone

Facebook has launched a version of its Messenger app for Windows phone. The service, which has been available on iPhone and Android for some time, has a 4.5 star rating from users.


Twitter ad revenue increases

Twitter’s ad revenue increased by 110% to $664.9m in 2013. The growth came as a result of a higher number of ads, although the cost of these ads actually fell throughout that time – by 18% in Q4 2013, or 67% for the whole of the year.

Foursquare location data being used to target ads

Foursquare is bulking up its ad offering by partnering with Turn, an ad targeting firm. This will allow the use of Foursquare’s location data in the serving of ads on mobile and desktop, by anonymously matching user email addresses with web cookies.

eBay launches Pinterest-inspired ‘Collections’

eBay has added ‘Collections’, a Pinterest-style social feature, to its UK site. Collections, which has been available in the US since last year, allows users to collect sets of items that they want and display them in groups.

Getty allows images to be embedded for free

Stock image site, Getty, has added an embed feature, which renders around 35 million images free for non-commercial use. The move, which could radically alter the way in which stock images are used, looks to tackle illegal image use. When an image is embedded, it will automatically appear with full accreditation.


Mondelez partners with Facebook

Confectionery giant Mondelez has announed a ‘global strategic partnership’ with Facebook, amounting to a 52-country ad deal that includes the USA, UK, France, Brazil, India, Indonesia and the Gulf States. Mondelez’s VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Bonin Bough, commented:

For the first time, we’ll be able to incorporate Facebook at the core of our media investment plans. This isn’t just about having a social-media strategy; it’s about digitizing our entire approach to communications.

adidas launches #fastorfail

Sports brand adidas has launched a game inspired by football star Lionel Messi, dubbed #fastorfail. Fans are given the opportunity to play from his perspective, making a number of decisions in an attempt to arrive at Rio for the World Cup. As social media buzz around Messi increases, the pace of the game gets faster for the user.

Peugeot’s #KickItToBrazil is definitely nothing to do with the World Cup

Automotive brand, Peugeot, has launched a campaign dubbed #KickItToBrazil, in which the brand will transport a football around 30 different countries, before ending in Brazil on the eve of the World Cup. This is, of course, in no way related to the World Cup (Hyundai and Kia are the official partners). Fans will be able to track the ball’s progress on Facebook and Instagram.

Oreo make real-time cookies at SXSW

This weekend, thousands of revellers (including some of the We Are Social crew) flocked to Texas for the annual South by Southwest festival. Oreo is helping feed attendees by producing 3D-printed cookies, the flavours of which change depending on what’s trending on Twitter at the time.

Airbnb comes to the help of SXSW

Airbnb got in on the action at SXSW by trawling Twitter for those in need of help at the festival and coming to their rescue with more than 100 ‘rewards’, ranging from providing a pair of cowboy boots to furnishing a whole apartment within two hours. This isn’t a new idea for Airbnb, which says it conducts this kind of social media listening and responding all year, usually dishing out five to 10 rewards a week. But it’s certainly put the company in the good books of SXSW attendees over the last few days.

Vanity Fair gets professional on Instagram

Vanity Fair added a touch of social media class to its star-studded Oscars party. The fashion magazine hired Rolling Stone photographer Mark Seliger to, in his own words, “capture a little of the glamour of Oscar night in a timeless yet modern and accessible way” by taking quirky celeb pictures for Vanity Fair’s Instagram channel. The results were as expected: beautiful people looking even more beautiful. Here’s a particularly good example of a dapper Samuel L Jackson.

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The Week According to the Internet #23

by Stephanie Ryan in News


This week; the Internet does April Fools, Hadoken-ing versus Vader-ing and the most annoying teenager on Instagram. 

Have a look at what everyone’s talking about this week.

GENIUS: Arthur C. Clarke predicts the Internet in 1974.

EXPLODED: This guy doesn’t want anymore Peeps.

ABBREVIATED: Pay for vowels? April Fools from Twttr. 

LOATHED: Meet Lavish, the worst teenager on Instagram.  

HADOKEN-ING: Japan’s hottest new meme.

VADER-ING: Trying to out-do Hadoken-ing

EXCITED: Psyche yourself up for The Wolverine.

SURPRISE: YouTube is finally ready to select a winner.

FOUND: Disney Pixar are finally Finding Dory.

DANCE OFF: Beyonce battles her past selves for Pepsi.

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The Week According To The Internet #15

by Matilda Aldridge in News

This week; Beyonce, a space monkey and the kids of the future.

It’s that time of the week again, take a peek at this week according to the internet.

SWISH: Is this the next Michael Jordan?

OMG: The Gangnam Style baby.

FAIL: The top Tweets from the Superbowl black out.

CELEBRATED: Facebook turns 9 years old and the first 25 members are recognised.

NAILED IT: Beyonce steals the show at this year’s Superbowl.

PEP TALK: First Michael Jordan…now the next President?

HOAXED: Did Iran do the old switcheroo on their first ever space monkey?

SMILE: Hard and fast rules for taking your selfies.

20SOMETHING: Any 20 year olds out there feeling like this?

DOGTASTIC: Teen swimmer always brings four-legged life preserver.

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The Week According To The Internet #11

by Matilda Aldridge in News

This week; naughty cats, newest gadgets of 2013 and Facebook faux pas.

Enjoy our first week according to the Internet of the New Year.

STACKED: Lego iPhone cases.

CRIMINAL: Paw prints at the scene of a crime.

ADTASTIC: 2012 YouTube leader board.

COMICAL: Brian Butterfield is back.

WHOOPS: 10 social media disasters of 2012.

PUNKED: Drive thru invisible man prank.

CRINGE: Annoying Facebook couples.

TECHIE: The best new arrivals of CES 2013.

GANGSTER: Look out Gosling fans.

BOOTYLICIOUS: Destiny’s Child reunite.

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Help us reach 1 billion people!

by Dan Goodswen in News

If the old adage that one good deed deserves another is true, this Sunday August 19th should see kindness spread like wildfire.

We are extremely honoured to be helping the United Nations and pop icon Beyonce make social media history by reaching 1 billion people with the World Humanitarian Day message of hope.

The hope for World Humanitarian Day is that everyone who shows their support will do one act of goodwill for somebody else.

In that single act, no matter how big or small, you are a humanitarian.

How can you help? Lending your support is easy:

  1. Visit and “Add Your Voice‟ via Twitter and Facebook, and get the word out to your friends do the same.
  2. On August 19th, make your mark by doing something good, somewhere, for someone else. Visit  for suggestions of how you can make a difference.
  3. Watch as messages from around the world are simultaneously shared via Facebook and Twitter, along with a special World Humanitarian Day performance by Beyoncé.

Beyonce and songwriter Diane Warren have kindly donated their song “I Was Here” to the campaign. Beyonce filmed a video last week at the United Nations General Assembly in front of 1,200 fans, celebrities, humanitarian workers and dignitaries, to be premiered on the 19th.

Here’s a message from Beyonce about the event;

Please share this message with as many people as possible, and help hope reach a billion people.

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