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This Week According to the Internet #45

by Max Mills

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This week; Uruk-Hai shopping trips, personality tests and Celine Dion covers.

Check out what we’ve been following this week:

MIDDLE EARTH: Uruk-Hai goes shopping.

PROFILED: Learn your social media personality.

EXPOSED: The dress that reveals more with each share.

BOREDING: What time, boredom, a camera and an empty airport lead to.

CLICKBAIT: The Onion takes on Buzzfeed.

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The Week According To The Internet #38

by Matilda Aldridge in News


This week; Doggy goggles, the wise words of Ron Burgundy and how to respond to a text from the wrong number.

It’s been a few weeks, but The Week According To The Internet is back and more ridiculous than ever!

#THICKE: Blurred lines parody.

AWKWARD: Have you ever received a text from the wrong number?

3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF: Frog gets sent to space.

INSTACOOL: Bruno Mars get social savvy!

DOGGLES: So these exist.

BREAKING NEWS: Ron Burgundy on Aussie politics.

YUM: Doritos Locos Tacos, eat your words

THIRSTY?: Should I have another coffee?

SOCIAL: The 6 W’s of social content.

TERRIFIED: Japanese dinosaur prank.

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The Week According To The Internet #37

by Matilda Aldridge in News

soup for sluts

This week; Instagram vs Vine, Australian politics takes over Twitter and some controversial advertising.

Get your weekly dose of the Internet right here.

COMPETITION: Instagram and Vine go head to head.

HAZED: Vintage cigarette adverts from Australia.

MEOW: Just a normal day at the office?

AWKWARD: Strange BBC interview with Jennifer Aniston.

TWATTER: Australian politics go head to head.

WHOOPS: Lost in translation.

SHARK WEEK: Cat shark strikes back.

TECHNO: Are flip phones making a comeback?

DREAM: Memories of your youth.

BUSTED: The life of a stranger who stole my phone.

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The Week According to the Internet #34

by Stephanie Ryan in News

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 12.53.20 PM

This week; the trailer for Anchorman 2, Miss Utah on the gender wage gap and how to share PlayStation games.

Happy Friday! Here’s what we loved this week.

EVOLVED: Daft Punk’s Get Lucky through the decades.

BLUNDERED: Miss Utah wants to create education better.

SHARING: Official PlayStation used game instructional video. Take that Microsoft.

IMAGINATE: Danny MacAskill’s genius new riding film.

ARTY: Mind-blowing Lego art in Times Square exhibition.

BIZARRE: John Mayer teams up with the Prancercise lady.

LOW-TECH: Simple hacks for your high-tech gadgets.

BEST: Animals doing people things.

FINALLY: The trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues hits the Internet.

USELESS: 35 facts to waste your time with.

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The Week According to the Internet #33

by Stephanie Ryan in News

dog mistake 2

This week; Japan’s most expensive fruit, live Photoshopping at a bus stop and the best wedding photo ever. 

Sit back and take a quick look at what exploded this week!

OOPS: 28 dogs that have made terrible mistakes.

APOCALYPSE: Boost Mobile’s new zombie campaign.

LUXURIOUS: Inside Japan’s most expensive fruit shop.

RAPPED: News anchor Brian Williams does Warren G’s ‘Regulate’.

RETOUCHED: Bus stop Photoshop prank for Adobe Creative Days.

TRENDING: Google introduces a live-updating visualiser for Google Trends.

SPONTANEOUS: Philadelphia Orchestra musicians perform on delayed flight.

CLASSIC: Kanye gives interview, the Internet reacts.

INVADED: This might be the coolest wedding photo ever.

SHOCKER: Campaign for the UK’s Department for Transport turning heads.

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