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The Week According To The Internet #19

by Matilda Aldridge in News


This week; wonderfully happy facts, fashion accessories to make your skin crawl and a battle against photo editing.

Take a peek at what’s new this week on the Internet.

INTERESTING: Taxidermy accessories.

TYPICAL: Does the world need more innovative websites?

TROT: The pony mixer.

CATSERCISE: One fat cat.

RETOUCHED: Dove’s campaign to stop photo editing.

SHARED: An inspirational message from one little boy to another.

VEGAS BABY: The Hangover Part III trailer.

LATE: The Simpsons get their Harlem Shake on…two weeks too late.

TYPED: Too lazy to write your assignment? Maybe this will help.

HAPPY: 30 of the happiest facts of all time.

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The Week According To The Internet #18

by Matilda Aldridge in News


This week; strange addictions, a man who’ll paint just about anything and could a goat make it to #1?

The best bits of this week on the web.

BLOGGED: You name it…he’ll paint it.

DAMP: An interactive website about water saving in the UK.

ADDICTED: A very strange infatuation with inflatables.

FRIED: A french fry feast in Korea.

BRAVE: The kitty vs the croc.

TUNED: I knew you were a goat when you walked in.

TASTY: Hannibal Lecter T.V. series coming soon.

DUD: Real time marketing sucks.

CURED: How to cure PTHSD ‘Post Traumatic Harlem Shake Disorder’.

WORDSMITH: ‘Friend Zone’ added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

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The Week According To The Internet #17

by Matilda Aldridge in News

This week; enough Harlem Shakes to make your legs drop off.

Get your Friday Internet fill right here!

PUNCTUATED: 8 new punctuation marks we desperately need.

ARTHRITIC: Eddie the basketball playing otter.

SHAKING: Which agency shook it up the most?

GOOGLED: Ridiculous search suggestions made by Google.

STRESSED: Fantastic campaign by Nivea.

HACKED: Burger King’s twitter is hacked supposedly by Anonymous.

PUPPIED: The cutest Harlem Shake out there.

MORE SHAKIN': We can’t get enough…is this the best Harlem Shake?

INFOCOOL: An amazing invisible truth about Wikipedia.

NOTED: The best notes left on car windshields.

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