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We Are Hiring: Strategists, Developers, Account Mgrs, Digital Producers & Community Managers!

by Dan Goodswen in News

We Are Hiring: Strategists, Developers, Account & Community Managers!
We Are Social Australia is looking to add the right people in a range of roles across the business.

We’ve grown dramatically, both globally and here locally, where we’re working with some of the biggest and most socially ambitious companies in Australia – and now we need more great people to join us in our Sydney office.

We are looking for;

  • Front end Developers – Mid level
  • Back end Developers – Senior level
  • Digital Producers
  • Account Managers
  • Account Directors
  • Social Strategists
  • Community & Content Managers
  • Social Media Researchers
  • Interns

How to apply;

Send us an email with your name and the role you’re applying for in the subject line.

Attach your CV, and then introduce yourself in no more than 400 words – tell us your background, examples that clearly demonstrate your proven track record – links to work if possible, and importantly, why you want to work at We Are Social.

We suggest adding links to LinkedIn and your social profiles.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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We Are Social: Tuesday Tune-Up #40

by Dan Goodswen in News

We Are Social featured in The Australian
Our MD Julian Ward had some choice words in an article in The Australian this week, discussing the benefits of social media for brands;

“The ability to actually maintain attention with a consumer is immensely valuable, especially when other channels are less able to do this.”

“The challenge is crafting a content and editorial strategy that holds value and continues to intrigue and engage those on the receiving end. As a brand, do you want to answer customer questions or do you want to be the most talked about and engaged brand within your category?”

To find out more on how you can be engaging with your customers, and finding new ones, drop us an email.

1 in 5 viewers start watching a show after hearing about it in social
According to a Horowitz Associates poll of US heads of TV households conducted in January, 19% had begun watching a show after reading about it on a social network or blog.

Facebook holds IPO, share price drops
Facebook held its IPO on Fridaywith the company listed on the NASDAQ. Despite the share price returning to the initial $38 price after the first day of trading, this was partly due to the banks underwriting the share price to stop it falling below $38. Regardless, 421.2 million shares were sold valuing the company at a whopping $104.2 billion, a price which has since fallen significantly in early trading today in New York.

General Motors suspends Facebook ad spending
General Motors, America’s biggest automaker and 3rd biggest advertiser, in an interestingly timed move announced last week that it will stopped buying Facebook ads for the forseeable futureIndustry reaction has been mixed.

With Forrester also saying Facebook doesn’t pay enough attention to marketers, this can’t have helped Facebook’s first day of trading. Ironically, a source close to the GMhad said their move was partly due to Facebook telling them to prioritise community management over ads. Something, it should be noted, that GM is still wisely planning to invest $30 million in.

Facebook redesign mobile apps
Facebook has updated its mobile apps so that images will now appear larger and at a higher quality in a bid to improve engagement.

Facebook also acquired Lightbox last week, once hailed the ‘Instagram of Android’ – perhaps in a bid to assure investors that Facebook will do what it takes to win in the mobile-centric future of social networking.

New Facebook Page Manager App
Managing Facebook Pages on a mobile has long been difficult, but this could all be about to change: Facebook is testing an app called Facebook Pages Manager which should make all of this far easier. Good news for marketers.

Twitter re-launch recommendations
Moving forward, new Twitter users will now receive a number of auto-generated recommended followers from the Twitter ecosystem. According to Twitter:

These tailored suggestions are based on accounts followed by other Twitter users and visits to websites in the Twitter ecosystem. We receive visit information when sites have integrated Twitter buttons or widgets, similar to what many other web companies — including LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube — do when they’re integrated into websites.

Interestingly, viewers will also be able to view tweets from these users in an example timeline.

Twitter teams up with Nascar to enhance hashtags
Twitter has teamed up with Nascar so that consumers worldwide can create a “complementary live race experience”. The Twitter page will combine race-related tweets and photos giving behind-the-scenes exclusive for individual races. In effect, for one advertiser (Nascar), they’ve made a pretty radical change to the hashtag experience:

Up until now when users click on a hashtag, they are shown a page littered with tweets which have included that particular hashtag. But in Nascar’s case, Twitter will curate those tweets through an algorithm, and by hand to give users a behind-the-scenes look at the race.

Twitter hits 10m UK users, 140 brands have used promoted products
For a company that has only had an office in the UK for one year, Twitter is going from strength to strength. It’s now reaching 10 million UK users of which 80% are active on mobile. 340 million tweets are sent per day and brands have bought into the product: 140 have used Promoted Products in the last year.

Tony Wang from Twitter UK gave Marketing Magazine an interesting Q&A about Twitter’s advertising approach going forward – it’s worth a read.

YouTube video views are falling
Since December, views on YouTube have fallen by 28% – but it’s an intended consequence of the Google-owned site’s shift from a video search engine filled with snack-size content to a full-fledged, couch-potato-optimized entertainment destination. At YouTube, the “view” is out and “engagement” is in – although time spent on the site hasn’t risen like execs will have hoped:

New Google+ study reveals minimal activity and weak user engagement
A new study has shown weak user engagement and minimal social activity on Google+, giving greater credence to the theory that it’s just a ghost town. Google has refused to give metrics for the Google+ active user base, probably because compared to other social networks it has far less activity. A study showed that within a sample size of 70,000 public posts, the average post receives less than one +1, less than one re-share and less than one reply. Another problem is that users don’t return to post again:

As the report sums up:

At the end of the day, Google+ simply does not show the same level of ravenous user adoption and engagement that we’ve seen in other social networks.

Pinterest is worth $1.5bn – at least according to investors
Pinterest has recently gained $100 million of funding from Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten in a simultaneous attempt to increase revenue (which is currently minimal) and mark a shift away from big American tech players; the deal values the company at $1.5 billion.

Quora raises $50M valuing the company at $400M 
Quora has raised $50 million from its co-founder Adam D’Angelo and other investors including Peter Thiel and Josh Hannah, both of whom are familiar with the online Q&A space, valuing the company at $400 million. It will be interesting to see what it invests in to try and grow the daily active user count again.

vKontakte loses important court case
vKontakte, Russia’s largest social network lost an important court case last week, which ruled that the site’s proprietary file-sharing system – and arguably its biggest selling point – is illegal and breaches copyright. Facebook has long struggled to even come close to over-taking vKontakte, but the fall-out from this court ruling may well help Facebook.

Ronaldo stars in Facebook challenge for documentary
Football star Cristiano Ronaldo took part in a live-streamed Facebook challenge last week called #RonaldoLive which tested his ‘sporting expertise’. The live-stream came from a testing facility in Madrid, in which Ronaldo had to receive, control and shoot a wave of footballs from chutes suspended above his head.

The first 100,000 people who connected to the #RonaldoLIVE Facebook app were automatically be entered into a competition to challenge Ronaldo, giving them the power to choose which goals he shot into.

Manchester City partner with Foursquare
English Premier League champions Manchester City have partnered with Foursquare, in the social network’s first official partnership with a football team. What the deal means is that City fans can now check in at the Etihad Stadium, City Square, City Stores and other official venues in return for special offers on merchandise and food and drink. They’ve also launched their own badge.

Foursquare launch two new badges
Foursquare have launched two new badges for two of the year’s biggest sporting events. Saturday night’s Champions League Final had a badge which users could obtain simply by checking in and using the words ‘UEFA Champions League’ and the Olympic Torch Relay also has a badge. To acquire the badge, users have to check-in to the nearest Olympic Torch Relay venue when the flame passes through their city.

Ikea turns to Pinterest to promote new range
Ikea are promoting their new Indian range of products partly through Pinterest. They’ve built a micro-site to draw awareness to the new range which includes an option to view a showcase of the range on Pinterest. As it’s a flat-pack campaign, you do actually have to build the pinboard for this one.

Intel launches employee curated digital magazine
Intel have launched a digital magazine which will allow many different staff members to chip in. Intel iQ is a social-publishing platform which resembles a digital magazine. A story gets to the iQ front page when a certain number of people recommend it, and as recommendations grow, so the size of the story on the front page increases. Intel have said they expect the number of contributors to the site to grow to thousands, which is really quite impressive.

Wickes rolls out first social media campaign
Wickes, the DIY retailer, has made its first foray into social media with the launch of a Facebook app which allows fans to create a sharable digital portfolio of their DIY projects. It’s based on the idea that people are very happy when they complete a project. It seems a bit useless – papering over the cracks of a lack of a real social media strategy.

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We Are Social: Tuesday Tune-Up #31

by Dan Goodswen in News

Welcome to your weekly round up of the biggest stories in social – grab yourself an Instagraham cracker and let’s get started…

1. Domino’s increases social media effort
Domino’s Australia are letting their Facebook fans decide what the next Domino’s pizza will be: from toppings to dough, the fans can decide what the “social” pizza will taste like. How the pizza will turn out is anyone’s guess, but it appears Domino’s may have another social hit on its hands. Who knew pizza could be so shareable…

2. Facebook’s global takeover
eMarketer predicts that there will be 1.43 billion social network users in 2012, which amounts to a substantial share of the world’s entire population. 1 out of 5 people will use a social network this year and Facebook is a key reason for this. Facebook has rapidly expanded into India, Indonesia and Brazil who now join the US and Mexico in the top 5 Facebook countries:

In fact, if Brazil maintains its current growth it could easily jump from fourth to second place, as soon as next month, having already taken over Google’s Orkut which had been leading in Brazil since 2004.

Facebook is also doing well in Japan, where they now have 10 million monthly active users. This figure has doubled in the last 6 months.

3. Blogs are not dead. There are 6.7m bloggers, half aged 18-34
NM Incite have released research that shows that consumer interest in blogs continues to grow with over 181 million blogs at the end of 2011, up from 36 million just 5 years ago. Not surprisingly this mirrors a growth in bloggers – 6.7 million of them publishing through blogging websites such as Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr whilst another 12 million write blogs using their social networks. The question is, who are these bloggers? Well, half are aged 18-34 and the majority are women, over 2/3 of which are mums.

4. Social media ads ‘justifying hype’
ZenithOptimedia have boosted their forecast for 2012 global internet adspend by 4.5%, now predicting a spend of £2.2bn. The sudden rise of social is evident in a revision to its US forecasts, which had pegged social media spend for 2012 at $1.33bn (£851m) in December, but now predicts $3.42bn (£2.2bn), partly due to $1bn (£640m) of display spend being recategorised as social media spend, and partly due to the medium growing faster than previously thought. Jonathan Barnard, head of forecasting at ZenithOptimedia, said:

Social is justifying its hype now. A third of all display impressions in the US are social. Advertisers are learning to be less interruptive.

5. Facebook updates Timeline Page ‘beginnings’, adds recommendations and launches Mobile app stats
Facebook has added the option to describe the beginning of a page as ‘created’ or ‘launched’. The original options ‘founded’, ‘started’ and ‘opened’ are still available but these new variations make a lot of sense for the different types of entities that run pages on Facebook.

Facebook have also introduced a recommendations feature for place pages that have switched to the new Timeline format. These are displayed in a box beneath friend activity and include a prompt for people to write their own recommendations. These are only available to pages that are associated with locations so if a brand wants to enable this function page owners have to provide an exact address in their About sections.

Another development from Facebook is the launch of a new Mobile Referrals dashboard in App Insights which helps understand the traffic an app receives from Facebook mobile sources. This features data on total mobile app clicks and source, demographic and device breakdown amongst other insights.

6. Facebook Timeline Apps and foursquare’s new Facebook look
In other Facebook news, 3,000 Timeline apps have spawned since Facebook launched the platform 3 months ago and last week Foursquare among others such as Nike and VEVO unveiled theirs. These new launches are likely to persuade more brands and startups that Timeline app development is worth their investment, meaning that soon there will be even more apps channelling user behaviour into Facebook’s content feeds and ad targeting engine. Pinterest is a key example of the success of Timeline apps as it has seen its Facebook userbase grow by 60% since it launched its Timeline app in January. The Onion definitely wins the award for the most amusing integration below:

Foursquare’s Timeline app has a new look for check-ins, badges and mayorships. This features check-in photos showing up full size, a summary of a user’s past month foursquare activity and if a person checks in a few times these will display as a story rather than separately. Neat!

7. The expert’s view on Twitter’s acquisition of Posterous
Twitter recently announced the acquisition of blogging platform Posterous. The exact details of the deal have been kept secret but Econsultancy have brought tohether various expert views to discuss the motivations behind the takeover and what it means for both Twitter and Posterous including those of our very own Mr Jordan Stone.

8. Pinterest is now a top 30 US website
As we all know, Pinterest has been the subject of much attention recently and this is set to continue with the news from Experian Hitwise that it is continuing to rapidly grow. After cracking the top 60 list of US websites six weeks ago they have now entered the top 30. The site received more than 103 million visits in the US this February, which was up 36% on January. With revelations the company is working on an iPad app, growth seems unlikely to slow soon.

9. Instagram announces news of Android App launch
The Instagram is gearing up to launch an Android app, which was flashed briefly at the SXSW Interactive conference in Texas last week, meaning their 27 million userbase is set to increase dramatically.

10. McDonalds #shamrocking has greater success than #McDStories
Following the #McDStories debacle where McDonalds’ own hashtag was hijacked by disgruntled customers, the company are back and seem to have learned a valuable lesson by creating a somewhat more successful meme. Taking its inspiration from Planking and Tebowing, customers share pictures of themselves doing a jig whilst holding a shamrock milkshake. See example below…

 The Week According To The Internet:

What made your social media week? Leave us a comment!

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We Are Social: Tuesday Tune-Up #14

by Dan Goodswen in News

We Are Social Tuesday Tune Up #14

In a week that saw social media again prove valuable in the Australian tourism effort, we’ve been busy dipping our toes in shark-infested waters to bring you a round up of the week’s biggest social-centric stories.

So without further adieu, here are the Top 10 stories in social media this week;

1. Australian Christmas shoppers go mobile
According to a Christmas-shopping related post on the Google Australia Blog, year over year, shopping-related searches are up 29%, while the number of shopping queries coming from mobile devices increased 220% year on year.

In fact, a staggering 25% of all Christmas shopping-related Google searches this year now come from mobile devices.

More motivation, if it was needed that Australian businesses need to be optimising their sites for mobile. After all, the proof is in the Christmas pudding…

2. US guidelines on Facebook ‘Like-gating’
Facebook’s ad revenue is projected to hit $7 billion in 2012, but this figure might be hit by the recent guidelines put in place by the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division (NAD). Marketers need to be careful when requesting users ‘Like’ a page in order to receive some sort of reward in order to ensure they are not utilising “misleading or artificial means to inflate the number of Facebook ‘likes’.”

This move has come about after a case was made against eyewear supplier Coastal Contacts for deceptively offering free and discounted products to Facebook users who ‘liked’ the company’s page, and that the number of ‘likes’ presented to investors had been fraudulently obtained.

The NAD cannot itself enforce decisions, but it can refer cases to the Federal Trade Commission if a marketer does not comply with one of its decisions.

3. Commonwealth Bank stages Facebook heist

Comm Bank are celebrating their centenery by giving fans the chance to score $2000 a day with a treasure hunt app.

Players have 23 hours each day to uncover the correct answers to a series of questions and enter them into the time vault tab on the Commonwealth Bank Facebook page. Cracking stuff.

4. Facebook gives up on China, Spotify gains 4m Facebook users
It might have the most faces out of any country in the world, but China will still not have Facebook for a while yet. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Sandberg revealed how government policies were the main reason why expansion into China was not yet possible for Facebook; “it’s not really our choice. It’s the government’s choice, you know. We’re not available because they’ve chosen to make us not available.”

In other Facebook news, since f8 and the evolution the Open Graph, people have shared their listening activity more than 1.5 billion times, with Spotify alone gaining more than 4 million new users.

5. Read and Listen from the Ticker
Another Facebook baby birthed at f8, the Ticker has undergone a few changesrecently. Now news articles and songs in the Ticker include buttons that allow users to begin reading or listening as soon as they click on them.

We Are Social Tuesday Tune-Up #14

Also announced by Facebook is the decision to turn off automatic RSS feed syndicationwithin Facebook Notes from 22 November onwards.

6. LinkedIn announce Group Statistics and improve Events
Taking a leaf out of Facebook’s success with Insights, LinkedIn have launched statistics for Groups through an easy-to-use dashboard, focusing on three areas: demographics, growth, and activity.

In the past year there have been over a million RSVPs to hundreds of thousands of professional events on LinkedIn. LinkedIn are now taking Events a step further, making it easier to find the right events to attend and connect with others attending those events.

7. When a bird leaves the nest, can it take the flock with it?

As a court picks over PhoneDog’s complaint that one of its former journalists, Noah Kravitz, failed to surrender the password and thus the fans to a Twitter account originally tied to the company name, it’s left everyone debating the rights to digital possessions.

In an era where journalists are encouraged to brand themselves, these type of disputes are becoming more frequent. Is leaving a job becoming more like a social media divorce?

8. Buzzword alert! The proliferation of ‘social television’
From X Factor to Glee, TV programmes are utilising social networks to improve engagement with and among fans.

A number of studies have discovered that up to 80% of television viewers now incorporate a ‘second screen’ into their viewing habits, and apps such as Zeebox – of which the UK’s Channel 4 have become the first broadcaster to trial – are facilitating this new intersected experience.

Media analysts believe that this development will continue to grow. Why? As our very own Robin Grant points out, stories are social:

We’ve moved on from a temporary aberration where, through the invention of the printing press all the way through to the invention of TV, communication became one-way for a few hundred years. That’s not the natural human state. Social media has brought us all back around the campfire and allowed us to talk to each other and to take part in the stories people are telling.

9. Chinese location-based app Jiepang, partners with Starbucks
Jiepang users who visit one or more than 200 Starbucks locations in Shanghai and other eastern China cities can check in with near-field communication enabled mobiles in store or via an app.

When 20,000 users have checked in by 17 December, those users will receive a free size upgrade on a drink during the following week.

We Are Social Tuesday Tune-Up #14

With nearly 1.50 million users and over 300 brand partnerships in China since its launch in May 2010, Jiepang is a location-based app to watch.

10. Two-thirds support silencing social media during periods of social unrest
A poll has revealed that two-thirds of adults believe that shutting down social networks such as Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger during times of social unrest would help prevent it spreading and worsening.

Unsurprisingly, support for action against social networks was strongest among over-65s and weakest among 18 to 24-year-olds, who are the heaviest users these services.

But as news editor of Index of Censorship, Padraig Reidy, argues:

It’s very worrying that people would believe shutting down social networks would be in any way desirable. The vast majority of social network use during the unrest was people sreading information and helping each other get home safely.

The Week According To The Internet

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We Are Social: Tuesday Tune-Up #11

by Dan Goodswen in News

Welcome to Tuesday Tune-up #11, We Are Social Sydney’s weekly round-up of all things social.

Here are your Top 10 stories this week;

1. Australian shoppers swayed by social recommendation

We Are Social Tuesday Tune-Up #11

According to search marketing agency Outrider, 1 in 3 Australian high earners have bought a product after a friend recommended it on Facebook.

In the same bracket, 1 in 4 have made an offline purchase after seeing a recommendation on Facebook.

Further proof, if it was needed, that targeting influencers is one of the most important tools in the strategist’s arsenal.

Count this as a recommendation, and buy it. Check out the rest of the Infographic here.

2. Social media continues to attract big investment
Research by Booz & Co. and Buddy Media has revealed that businesses are set to spend a higher percentage of total digital marketing spend on social over the next three years.

Spending on social

The survey also revealed that 65% of the managers already have plans in place to improve social media policies – 63% said these were to better integrate social into overall marketing strategies, and 59% plan to pay attention to social media monitoring and rapid response capabilities.

Yet only 15% already have plans for social revenue-generating platforms.

Spending on social

3. Mobile social media audience grows
A comScore study has found that 72.2 million US residents access social networking sites and blog on their mobiles – that’s 37% more than last year, and means that nearly one third of all US mobile users are going mobile with social.

Nearly 40 million US mobile users, more than half of the mobile social media audience, access these sites almost every day, demonstrating the importance of this activity to people’s daily routines.

69.5% of mobile social networkers posted status updates while on their mobile device, with 52.9% reading posts from organisations or brands.

The future of mobile social looks set for continued growth.

Garner analysts predict that by 2015, companies will generate 50 percent of Web sales via their social presence and mobile applications.

4. 10 biggest Facebook countries – Brazil continues to lead growth
Statistics from Socialbakers show that of the 10 countries with the largest Facebook populations, Brazil is the leading country in the world in terms of user growth:

Facebook Growth

Which bodes well for We Are Social São Paulo

5. Kia Australia help fans show their friends a little Respect
To celebrate the launch of the Kia Rio Reborn – a car that demands serious respect – we created an app that allows fans to “respect” each other.

It’s a little bit of fun that also showcases the car’s design and personality. We’ll throw a fist bump for that – Respect!

Kia Respect

6. Mums love Facebook
While this may come as an unwanted development for children across the world, Facebook marketers will no doubt be delighted by the latest statistics on the use of Facebook by mums.

According to research by eMarketer, an estimated 23 million US mums are on Facebook this year – more than two-thirds of all online mums in the country, and they’re logging onto the site at least once every month.

Mums love FacebookWord to your mother.

7. Shorter posts generate more engagement
By looking at over 11,000 posts made by the 150 largest Facebook pages, Virtue have demonstrated that the shorter the posts made by brands, the more engagement.

Facebook post length and engagementAlthough post length will depend on the type of post and its content, this study shows that there are measurable advantages to keeping Facebook posts as pithy as possible.

8. New developments for Facebook
Three significant developments for Facebook were released last week. Firstly is the news that Facebook Pages can now be opened in Facebook’s iOS Apps using the fb://page URL scheme.

This is welcome news for marketers, who can now direct users straight to their Page without them having to open and log in to the site.

Facebook also released Facebook Messenger, it’s standalone mobile messaging app, for Blackberry users, as well as updating the iPhone and Android versions.

This improves greatly upon the initial release of Messenger that came out in August, with a slick new interface that allows users to see when their friends are typing to them and more easily find and sort their friends.

Finally, the news that Facebook is running a closed, limited test to allow websites – for the first time – to process sales transactions for virtual goods with Facebook’s currency, Facebook Credits.

9. New developments for LinkedIn
LinkedIn has also revealed a few new developments. It has begun its expansion into Asia with the launch of its first Asian language platform in Japanese.

Whether the professional social networking site will succeed in a digital culture where online anonymity is prevalent is yet to be seen.

LinkedIn have also announced Talent Pipeline, a recruiter platform built into the LinkedIn system which enables recruiters to more easily manage and keep record of their talent leads.

LinkedIn also unveiled Classmates, providing high-level insights about alumni and allowing access to more detailed professional profiles that they’ve shared, this tool looks to help users make the most of their school and university connections.

10. Twitter users tweeting more, iPhone integration drives sign-ups
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced that Twitter has gone from 100 million tweets at the beginning of this year to a quarter of a billion tweets per day – a 177% change since September 2010.

Over the course of this year, Twitter users have also become more engaged, from 30% of its users active every day in January 2011 to over 50% active daily users today.

He also noted that the recent iPhone Twitter integration has caused a 3x growth in sign-ups.

Was that more than 140 characters? Send us a tweet and let us know… preferably from an iOS5 device.

The Week According To The Internet:

What say you, social stat fans? Leave us a comment below!

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