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The Week According To The Internet #11

by Matilda Aldridge in News

This week; naughty cats, newest gadgets of 2013 and Facebook faux pas.

Enjoy our first week according to the Internet of the New Year.

STACKED: Lego iPhone cases.

CRIMINAL: Paw prints at the scene of a crime.

ADTASTIC: 2012 YouTube leader board.

COMICAL: Brian Butterfield is back.

WHOOPS: 10 social media disasters of 2012.

PUNKED: Drive thru invisible man prank.

CRINGE: Annoying Facebook couples.

TECHIE: The best new arrivals of CES 2013.

GANGSTER: Look out Gosling fans.

BOOTYLICIOUS: Destiny’s Child reunite.

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Tumblr names We Are Social as agency partner in Australia

by Dan Goodswen in News

We Are Social are excited to announce that we have been selected as an A-List partner on a new international program launched today by social platform, Tumblr.

The program has been designed to help brands work with the right partners to get the most out of the Tumblr platform, by equipping participating agencies with the right advice, resources, and tools to give their clients the ultimate Tumblr experience.

We Are Social will be involved in the A-List Partnership Program through all of our 8 offices in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Munich, Singapore, São Paulo, and here in Sydney – the only agency in Australia named as an A-List partner.

The program will give the agency access to support and training from Tumblr’s strategists and access to the platform’s API team and Firehose data so that the agency can ensure its clients are getting the most out of the opportunities offered by Tumblr

Tumblr hosts more than 80 million blogs and 34 billion posts, and each day users create more than 70 million new posts.

We Are Social Australia managing director Julian Ward said: “At We Are Social we’re continuously looking to operate at the forefront as the market continues to evolve, in terms of developing the most engaging and innovative social engineered strategies for our clients.

Tumblr is an incredible platform for brands; part blog-platform, part social network, the potential for great content to go viral is unparalleled. Tumblr is already part of our strategy for many of our clients, allowing them to communicate in a unique and creative way, and reach a different audience than they might be able to with Facebook.

With this partnership we’ll be able to offer our clients more in terms of knowledge and expertise about Tumblr, and crucially, with access to the Tumblr Firehose we will be able to offer insights and analytics to help track performance, craft better content and improve reach.

Ultimately, the partnership will help us improve the service we offer to our clients, allowing us to maintain our position as the world’s largest specialist social media agency.”

Rick Webb, marketing and revenue at Tumblr, said: “We couldn’t be happier with the early success brands have had using Tumblr to tell their stories, and we’ve been honored to work with some of the most creative and talented agencies around the world,” said Rick Webb, Marketing and Revenue at Tumblr.

“We’re so excited to step up our service and to offer these great partners another level of the tumblr experience.”

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The Week According To The Internet #9

by Dan Goodswen in News

Like an insane Rebecca Black fan, we’re all about Friday.

To celebrate, here’s a list of things that are funnier, cuter and more disturbing than a teen pop sensation;

INTERVIEWED: Neil Armstrong before he died, obvs.

INTERACTIVE: Play bongos with Old Spice Guy’s pecs.

OBAMA’D: Reddit, when POTUS dropped in for an AMA.

LEGITIMATE: Stinging parody ad for rape as contraception.

TWEETED: Clint Eastwood’s chair rant gets obligatory parody.

HIPSTERS: These toddlers are way too cool.

EVACUATED: Little girl fleeing hurricane leaves rules for her soft-toys.

WARHOLED: Campbell’s finally selling designer soup cans.

CURIOUS: Mars rover snaps the red planet in HD.

FUSSY: Bentley the puppy does not agree with you filming him.

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The Week According To The Internet #8

by Dan Goodswen in News

In a week where we lost the Olympics but gained Big Brother, perhaps you need some lulz more than ever.

Thankfully, this is the week according to the internet…

EXPLAINED: The Internet, by the year 1995.

HEARD: Somebody I Used To Know covers remixed by Gotye.

OFFICIAL: F-bomb now a word.

SEEN: Sexy insurance advert subtext spotted by Facebook.

COVERED: Baby got Back, as sung by the movies.

OFFERED: Entire Tuscan village up for grabs.

TALENTED: This goddamn adorable kitty.

WHAT: Is this Instagram map shit?

BACK: Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand.

RATED: This guy should review all the food. UPDATED: Now with autotune!

(Image above via. Yes it’s a real book)

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The Week According To The Internet #7

by Dan Goodswen in News

Friday is upon us like a Gold-medal, a reward for making it through the working week.

So crank up the tunes, countdown the hours, and catch up on the week according to the internet;

STREAMED: Forget the Olympics. Watch these Corgi puppies 24/7.

BROADCAST: London 2012 volunteer with a megaphone is hilarious.

BIFFLES: Anzac the Kangaroo and Peggy the Wombat are pouch-buds fo’ life.

REPLACED: All the babies in your newsfeed. With bacon.

CASHED: Brad Pitt’s Killing Them Softly has an awesome soundtrack.

EFRONED: Nicole Kidman gets sweaty with Zach in The Paperboy trailer.

SKYPED: Paranormal Activity 4 will have you signing off video chat. Forever.

PLAYED: This Breaking Bad game lets you have fun in the kitchen. With crystal meth.

QUOTED: Gore Vidal was funnier than you. RIP.

FOUND: A home for puppies Winston and Bruce… with your help!

(Image above via Reddit - Do something nice for someone this weekend!)

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