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The Week According to the Internet #14

by Sophie Back in News

This week; UpTrade your gadgets, the battle cry of a generation and men in labour.

Take a little break and enjoy some of this week’s wonderful things on the web.

UPTRADE: A chance to swap your old gadgets for a VAIO Duo 11 from Sony.

YOLO: The Lonely Island are back with a new album.

RENTED: Will the rental girlfriend become the male equivalent of the Hermès Birkin?

ADVISED: Invaluable life lessons from the babes on Toddlers and Tiaras.

EXPOSED: Google Maps teaches us a little more about the elusive North Korea.

ANONYMOUS: Un-cloud your files in cement.

EXCITED: Baby Rhino ‘Bys’ trots around at Poland’s Warsaw Zoo.

OUCH: Two men experience simulated labour pains.

CLEVER: Entertaining facts about dinosaurs and some great brand content.

WONDERFUL:  Hilarious children’s drawings.

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The Week According To The Internet #13

by Matilda Aldridge in News

This week; cute babies, crocs on the loose mouth watering deserts.

It’s Friday everyone and we have a nice long weekend ahead of us, but first here is your weekly fill of what’s been happening this week on the Internet.

RETRO: Internet Explorer; were you a child of the 90’s?

PREDICTED:  Triple j’s warmest 100.

YUM: The Messina-Millar Project.

BRAG: launches new ‘Boastcard’ social campaign.

DARING: Crazy people doing ridiculous stunts.

GETAWAY: 15,000 crocodiles escape from a farm in South Africa.

SWEEEET: Cute twins dancing.

SNAPPED:  Michelle Obama’s facial expressions.

CAPTURED:  Weekends live on with the Sony Action Cam.

I’M AUSSIE: Have a great Australia Day!

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The Week According To The Internet #12

by Matilda Aldridge in News

This week; unhappy otters, Subway caught short and social developments.

Take a peek at what’s been happening on the Internet this week.

ENUNCIATE: The agency pronunciation guide.

ALTERNATE: Facebook design idea.

INADEQUATE: 11-inch footlong sub.

FAIL: Google Analytics in real life.

ADORBS: Sisters gain a million likes and a puppy.

DUBBED: NFL bad lip reading.

SIZZLING: Cool down with 1001 things to do this summer.

HILARIOUS: Self-loathing otter.

ZUCKERBERGED: Facebook unveils new search engine.

GAME, SET, MATCH: Win tickets to the Australian Open Men’s Final.

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