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The Week According to the Internet #33

by Stephanie Ryan in News

dog mistake 2

This week; Japan’s most expensive fruit, live Photoshopping at a bus stop and the best wedding photo ever. 

Sit back and take a quick look at what exploded this week!

OOPS: 28 dogs that have made terrible mistakes.

APOCALYPSE: Boost Mobile’s new zombie campaign.

LUXURIOUS: Inside Japan’s most expensive fruit shop.

RAPPED: News anchor Brian Williams does Warren G’s ‘Regulate’.

RETOUCHED: Bus stop Photoshop prank for Adobe Creative Days.

TRENDING: Google introduces a live-updating visualiser for Google Trends.

SPONTANEOUS: Philadelphia Orchestra musicians perform on delayed flight.

CLASSIC: Kanye gives interview, the Internet reacts.

INVADED: This might be the coolest wedding photo ever.

SHOCKER: Campaign for the UK’s Department for Transport turning heads.

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The Week According To The Internet #9

by Dan Goodswen in News

Like an insane Rebecca Black fan, we’re all about Friday.

To celebrate, here’s a list of things that are funnier, cuter and more disturbing than a teen pop sensation;

INTERVIEWED: Neil Armstrong before he died, obvs.

INTERACTIVE: Play bongos with Old Spice Guy’s pecs.

OBAMA’D: Reddit, when POTUS dropped in for an AMA.

LEGITIMATE: Stinging parody ad for rape as contraception.

TWEETED: Clint Eastwood’s chair rant gets obligatory parody.

HIPSTERS: These toddlers are way too cool.

EVACUATED: Little girl fleeing hurricane leaves rules for her soft-toys.

WARHOLED: Campbell’s finally selling designer soup cans.

CURIOUS: Mars rover snaps the red planet in HD.

FUSSY: Bentley the puppy does not agree with you filming him.

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The Week According To The Internet #5

by Dan Goodswen in News

This is your Friday, and it’s ending one minute at a time.

Here to help count in your weekend is our regular digest of internet shenanigans, submitted for your browsing enjoyment!

CRANKED: The volume on the Official We Are Social Friday Spotify Playlist

SEATED: Animals, on other animals

ADORBS: Every single thing on this list

BURNED: Buzzfeed, by this hilarious McSweeney’s list of suggested articles

ACCEPTED: Buzzfeed takes the burn as a challenge, with hilarious results

TUMBLED: The rich kids of Instagram

MALIGNED: Everybody loves to hate The Shire

WARNED: How to behave in London during the Olympics

LISTED: What you’d need to become Batman

UNINVITED: Christian Bale is at your party

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The Week According To The Internet #3

by Dan Goodswen in News

It’s Friday! There’s a long weekend ahead and everything’s coming up Milhouse.

Here are some shiny things to keep you entertained between cocktails…

Unchained: Jamie Foxx’s Django, in the first trailer for Tarantino’s latest film

Transformed: Dead cat is now a helicopter

Illustrated: Star Wars, again, but really really good this time

Boyled: Awkward teen pulls a Susan on America’s Got Talent and makes you cry

Ripped: Ten popular memes stolen by advertisers

Inspired: You after watching this video from Krispy Kreme – the rapper, not the donut

Unexplained: The weird screen caps on dating site profiles

Infographed: Pulp Fiction in chronological order

Mapped: The internet, circa 1988

Failed: The 5 worst marketing ideas ever

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The Week According To The Internet #2

by Dan Goodswen in News

It’s Friday! It’s time for your weekly round up of the news that has been fuelling the internet this week, but firstly, a farewell – the zombie apocalypse is upon us!

Hopefully this list should keep you entertained while the dead walk the earth…

Zombie News #1: Man has 75% of his face gnawed off by naked guy

Zombie News #2: Other man cuts open stomach and throws intestines at police

Zombie News #3: Guy in Baltimore ate his roommate’s brain.

Addicted: How to tell if you spend too much time on Facebook

Rofled: Twitter feed for latest Seth Macfarlane creation Ted is filthy fun

Inked: 12-year old tattoo artist has been inking since she was 4

Muppets: Fraggle Rock movie is green for go.

Rocked: 80s music quiz is really hard

Mapped: New York City by birthplace of rap stars

Blown: Your mind after reading these theories about movies and tv shows

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